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April 20, 2015

A LOT to LEARN… wandering through Yosemite to Yosemite. Three years in between.

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As you can page back through this blog.  I based my journey to a marathon on every continent from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  There, I knew I could re-train to scale mountains, jump streams, handle sub zero temperatures, and just heal the heart by being in wide open spaces.  I started on this path by putting most my life in storage.  I was 50. I hooked up a small trailer to my truck and headed northwest. My first stop was Bass Lake, to re visit  my college summer job spot at a  camp.  From there,  I went through Yosemite Valley and over Tioga Pass.  Remember, I ended up in Lee Vining, Nevada near midnight and the few motels were booked.  I drove on and got utterly lost in the middle of Nevada in the middle of the night.  My phone gps lost signal and I lost my way.  I spent the night in the bleak, black night in my over IMG_3178 IMG_3226 IMG_3274 IMG_3278 IMG_3279packed truck to awake on a vast, dry salt bed.  My road had been paved, became dirt, and dead ended here.  Here, being nowhere.  It took most the day to retrace and find the only highway across Nevada.  And in that day, I was corralled by a Nevada State Police to turn back and hole up in  a dinky town I think was called Jack Ass. (Oh, I think it was Jack Pot?)  A prairie fire was burning across Nevada and I would be safest there. I have since read that mid Nevada is one of the remotest places on earth.  I definitely, unwittingly found that out.

So back to Yosemite.  It meant a lot to me to return there, almost three years later.  Did I ever think my original trek toward Wyoming and  the continent marathons would take this many years? How was I to know? I failed to put a time limit on such a quest. But I don’t think you get to. Life doesn’t give you the window to look ahead on who you get to meet, what you will get to do. Nor does it tell you how long recovery will take, especially if you take a life course wtih no road map. To become the real quest this was, I had to really let go and as the saying goes, let GOD.  I have historically  needed to be in control. And my shucking the years of all my business  to do what most would never dare, (that is to just take off on a new turn) well…  this  put me on a life route that you can’t control, and of course, catapult you into the unknown. You are bound for  surprises.  And bound to find yourself lost some of the time.  I was definitely on a trip I  would not get to orchestra though I thought I secretly  could write the future lines of my life. I thought my actions of trekking would write a preconceived, precious story, not a precarious one.   I  was in a transitional consequence of my life and, to be honest, didn’t know what to do or where to go. So I chose to explore. This means inside and out.  I purposed this motion. What does the law of physics say about something in motion?  It is at least going to go somewhere.

That somewhere is my very real story still left to be told. It is my life.  It is yours.  I propelled my inertia with a theme.  I had always felt ‘fitness’ offered fit things and made a life that much more interesting.  Thus came the MANTRA “FINDING FIT”.    And  in finding FIT things to do,  the reality  became the beauty in finding self, albeit , through sometimes very raw, real, and very hard lessons. That’s the story  worth being told. IMG_3302 IMG_3226

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