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August 16, 2014


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IMAG0013Most people draw a line down the middle of a paper and write PRO and CONS. Not me. I have to draw that line down life and live the pros and cons out until I feel I have completely exhausted the options. …’like this, don’t like that.” “ Tried this, didn’t try that”. “Experienced this. Than experienced that.” I saw an Oceanography van drive by and its tag line across the side of the vehicle said, “Experience is the Teacher.” It’s kind of like the eye exam. “Is this clearer, or that?” “Now, how about this? Clearer still or the same?”. That is how I have lived the past year and half. So why would coming back from Africa be any different? I needed to decide if locating in Orange County, California was going to be a better foundation for the new business launch and the set up of Peak Experiences and Finding Fit? Or was remaining in Jackson, working the seasonal surges, and using the off time to set these new projects in motion. Both, I was to find had the exact same strength of vision.

After the RABBIT RUN, I remained in So California and sent out resumes, interviewed for a few jobs I almost hoped I would not get, got my nails done, ran the stairs at all the beaches, and started working for Roadrunner Sports as a side gig while starting up a new fitness event company.

I have to catch you up on the projects and the results of the vision test on life.

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