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April 8, 2014

People jam

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Ok, I have been holding out. There are a LOT of people who pilgrimage an attempt to summit Kilimanjaro. Most, who are guided to go pole…pole, succeed. I think I heard over 60,000 come climb Kilimanjaro a year. That makes it the main stage money source in Tanzania. Guiding, trek services, and porting are a thankful business. We were climbing at the beginning of the rainy season and not high tourist season. I could only envision four times this many people on TOP. There were a lot of ‘groups’ at the summit as we all did the hike on frozen ground and watch the most amazing sunset.

We had been deep into our own interiors finding the grip to make it to the top for the 4,000 feet of night grueling steps. So we turned that into solo celebrations in our hearts on a summit full of people. We were quiet, breathless, and releaved. Cold, done, and super happy. All of a sudden we were freed of fatigue. There is a pure and holy relief when there is nothing, but down. We were standing on a high SUMMIT. That is the draw of Kilimanjaro. It is aIMG_4941










IMG_4995 hike, open to any body that takes it slow.

And than, the chatter and hugs and victor fists. It was external bonding shared by people that bonded in what they had just asked their bodies to do. As we passed the pastel lit glaciers on our left and the volcanic valley to our right, the summit sign came in view. Mamma Pinkie said it for all of us. Her shoulders heaved and she let out a few and very real sobs. No words. Sobs for what it took and felt to be here were more appropriate.

The WHOA women all summited, every single one of them. And the handsome German gentlemen ,with Australian accents and their Sales Force Team aqua blue beanies were there. It was high fiving, hugs, back slaps, and photos. And the guides were protectively corralling us off the mountain. We had stayed far longer than most allowed and they knew what we did not know. It was a LONG way down.

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