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April 2, 2014

In the middle of the Night

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That deep Tanzanian accent has a music to it. “Time to hike to the top of Kili” It is pitch black in the tent as I fumble for the headlamp. Mamma Pinkie’s light pings on and a groggy, but armored voice reports, “we are ready”. The groggy is hard to decipher. It is more from altitude that lack of sleep. It is 11:00pm. The accent is made in the middle of the night for two reasons. To climb on top of the scree while it is frozen. And to be rewarded with the sun rising over all of AFRICA at the moment of summiting. Both are awesome. It is so dark outside you cannot even see the outline of the mountain you are climbing. That may be a third good reason to ascend at night. It is steep. It is one foot slowly planted and pushed up upon another. It is a long, grueling way. Over six solid hours of gruel ahead. 4,000 vertical feet. That is far grander than a marathon. And like a marathon, the unknown is how your body will react. I already shared my mishaps in being hyped and running around too much at 15,500 feet. So after my ‘episode’ of panicking after running to get my buff in my tentIMG_4901




IMG_4910 we began our “pole, pole”. 15,500 to 19,320. Here we go, Mamma Pinkie. We are all quietly questioning, “how ready are we really?”. There is no way to know. What is that sticker on my girlfriend’s refrigerator? “26.2 mile- What could possibly go wrong?!” So…4,000 feet, what could possibly go wrong? Hmmmmm.

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