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March 26, 2014


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IMG_4629The food was fabulous. There were seasoned potatoes, French fries, chicken (someone from a village brought fresh ones up to the cooks), sautéed vegetables, popcorn, and handmade bread. One thing that happens at altitude is the loss of appetite. We knew enough to try to keep something in our stomachs, but I would have to say that a 15, 500 meal was chewed slowly and carefully. Altitude has the reputation for making a lot of people throw up.
Can we thank the porter’s enough for hauling the fuel, tents, and utensils for all this? A porter from another camp even went by with a backload of plastic red chairs. It got rainy. It got cold. The porters are only taken to 15,500 feet because they do not have the layers, clothing, and are not equipped for the lower temperatures we would encounter in the last 4,000 feet. IMG_4832



The cook tent was toasty, but could not be used for a sleep tent until the cooking duties were over, so many porters just stood in the rain. There were 12 porters to a tent, but they giggled like at a slumber party and said, twelve meant body heat and kept them warm. Its a given that camping out has something about it that draws you close to the people you get to hang with. You talk, you spend hours in the dark, and you figure out ways to make this little protected place your home. I have to thank Mama Pinkie for being a great tent mate as I reach over and turn off her head lamp still attached an on. She is sound asleep and does not move for the few hours we get to sleep before summiting. Yeah, lady. You literally ROCKED today. climbed right up that mountain scramble. IMG_4668







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