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March 17, 2014

Camp night number one.

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We finally made it to our first camp. I think we hiked 6 or 7 hours. It was on a rain forested hillside. Mamma Pinkie stood outside the tent for far too long. I finally got her inside. The porter’s had set the tents up and were already getting hot water for tea. But Mamma Pinkie sat in the tent, unmoving. Than I realized, she needed help. She was totally spent by the day in the rain. I put her pad out, got out her sleeping bag, told her the little tricks of living in a tent as I took off her wet socks and got her in dry clothes. I had spent four college summers living out of a sleeping bag and tent. I actually found a familiar zeal out of being in this tent. She finally started talking and said, “I have never camped. I don’t think I like this. I know I don’t like this.” But the fact that it was hard for her, and yet, she strongly did it is going to say a lot about what triumphs Kilimanjaro trekking can bring. I was already proud of her, and thankful for her pink spirited spirit. Even her walking sticks coordinated! You go girl!
The dinner served was fabulous and well welcomed…for camping. The stars popped out and our eyes shut…save mine. I had some dead end roads I had tried in the past year and the consequences were putting me at a start over level that felt too close to the bottom or endeavors. And the Malaria pills were making me feel funny. And the altitude pill I just took was making me have to pee twice a night. I never take anything so these medications were whirling in rebel in my system.

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