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March 13, 2014

This is our trek group.

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The cool part of teaming up with a formed excursion that Kathy Loper Events offers is the people. You are guaranteed to meet people that will become comrades and life friends because of the days, experience, and pull you give each other. Kathy’s group made SURE they stayed to the very last one of the runner’s came in the marathon. This same group would do the same up Kilimanaro, helping, joking, prodding each other up a mountain. And we were to discover the climb down was as tedious and demanding as the step over step up. There’s Melinda.IMG_4873





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Never without a smile, followed by a giggle, than a punch line joke. She came to Kilimanjaro a year ago to trek the mountain with Kathy’s group. She found out there was a fellow Tulsa, Oklahoman that opened a home that would be self sustaining and meet the needs of a lot of children. She applied and a few months later is an “American” in Tanzania as the administrative manager. If something was hard, she would soon find a way to make it funny. There’s Ryan, a handsome 24 year old with soft powder blue eyes and a quiet strength. There’s Gordy, who had trekked the mountain tens years prior and was willing to film. His clothing, equipment, and demeanor spoke for his experience in kinds of outdoor travel and he definitely photographed the part of Safari pro and an avid hiker. There’s Sherry and Sebastian, from Portland, Oregon who were so consistent with their attitude to make it and willing to share their thought out supplies. And there was Judy, a petite ball of fashion and determination. The guides named her , “Mama Pinkie”…and it was “Mamma Pinkie” that gave us experience on the mountain. Her tears of joy and exhaustion were real and what we all felt and shared it. She was fearful of having to climb some rocks, being drenched in down pours, sleeping in a tent…but not AFRAID. She was to all of us the feel for what the trek was about.

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