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March 7, 2014

A flight, a landing, and a drive from Arusha to Moshi

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IMG_4354A flight, a landing. Grabbed the bags right out of the side compartment from the airplane. I was looking out the windows, listening to the pilots speak easy in Swahili, and reading a few pages over the shoulder of the gal next to me. She was reading, Second Chance, a book about a gal in mid life who ran a marathon on every continent. I read with her the first few pages how she missed the start of her first international marathon with her boyfriend. They thought they had casually given themselves enough time, but had the wrong start time. They jumped in as the runners ran past. My third continent marathon was quite the same way. I flew to Japan to find that my registration had not been processed. After half a day of trying to request my way in, I got escorted to a military building and got a military answer. “NO” was stamped on my request. In a land where there are more people than opportunities, people queued a often having to accept they did not get into…the movie, or get the latest game after waiting in line, or even get into the marathon. There were 335,000 Japanese that applied to run in the Tokyo marathon that could only host 30,000. But for us foreigners, they allowed 3,000 entrants. My registration had been FEDEX in time, but reached the desk of the processor on a Japanese holiday thus coming to the headquarters a day after the deadline. I will have to confess someday what only any race timer would do to run after coming all that way. To be honest, my only interest in running any marathon is its a means to get to a place and look around from the inside out. I have to admit I felt overwhelmed in Toyota in that endless ,spotless, tidy, very populated maze of cement. It was a very foreign place to me. I would feel less lost in the jungle of the Amazon or the vast Alaska range than standing on the Landing seeing an ocean of endless man made. I was awed and eeried. I never thought I would find a casting of lots in Japan . Such, to me, all the people seemed so uniform. But Japan ended up being a surprise chapter in itself as I home stayed a few days with what we would term a ‘hoarder” .
Bounce, air pocket, and I was jarred back to where I was. I WAS flying over the Serengeti into the clouds of a volcanic looking region. All of a sudden I was interested in what was below me. This land had character I was interested to meet.
After we landed and grabbed luggage, Kathy Loper Events had a van arranged to escort us to Moshi, via Arusha. A picture is worth a thousand words so I snapped so your eyes can see.IMG_4356





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