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March 2, 2014

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IMG_4044I think the best way to experience Tanzania is to Safari across it. It is a drive from Tarangire to Ngorongoro to Serengeti. But it is the drive that gives you a feel, the space, the Maasai villages, the very different terrains, and happenstance of giraffes walking across the rim . Otherwise these places were mere names with no meaning. Now, I know that they are huge areas of land that millions of animals abide in. Millions. The Wildebeest/Zebra migration has replenished to 1.8 estimated animals. Incomprehensible even when seen with the naked eye across and endless horizon. During migration, that horizon has dots of beasts moving in the same direction. Even as we descend from Ngorongoro, an open valley with Maasai dwellings, zebras and wildebeest are making their way to the open grass of the Serengeti. I think I already mentioned the Zebra has the good eyes to watch for predators and the Wildebeest have good sense of smell.IMG_3936






IMG_3983 The wildebeest is the only animal that its baby can run as fast as its mom 7 minutes after birth. We saw them running by the thousands. Well, millions. We traversed a desert area and the guides had us listen through a museum lecture about the decades of work by the Leekys where they finally did discover foot prints and a skull of what they think is the link from the apes to original man. I hope I got this right and will research it later, because I spent my time sitting with a Maasai elderly man out under a tree. I let him just talk in the broken English he had learned about growing up in this dry area. He was proud of his ear lobes.And I watched all the guides jump up on the hood of a Safari car and laugh and catch with each other. They must really look forward to these valued hours of camaraderie. As we traveled across this rocky barren area, Bahati mentioned the bus coming ahead was the only bus that comes from Lake Victoria. Just as he said that the bus lurched and nearly flipped over. It came to an abrupt stop and men poured out, including the bus driver to look. The axle had snapped. We watched the contents of the bus pile out. That was going to be a long bus ride.

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