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March 1, 2014

Ngoragora Crater…don’t leave camp

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We camp under the umbrella of flat top trees. The forest is lush forest atop the crater rim. It is cool up here, requiring jackets. I like the altitude and the mountainous air. The dry wind in the valley had spiked rare wheezing in my lungs. The guides said I could run a circle around the camp in the morning. I took that literally and trotted down a trail, out on the dirt road, and up and over and back to camp. When I came running in on my first lap, I noticed all the camp staff was sweaty and running too. I thought, cool they wanted to join me. Not so cool, they were running in a panic trying to find me. They had seen a leopard the night prior and had to keep a water buffalo at bay with the Maasai and spears. I was told they could lose their license for a guest that wanders off. My circle got real tight, within the sight of just the tents.
I was soon to see how easily a lion could be laying in the grass and not even be seen. This is a wild place to be respected. Everything charges…elephants, rhinos, hippos, water buffalo, wildebeest, lions, leopardsIMG_3571









IMG_3737 - Copy (2)

IMG_3745 - Copy

IMG_3750 - Copy

IMG_3768 - Copy

IMG_3771 - Copy

IMG_3775 - Copy

IMG_3781 - Copy, cheetahs.

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