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March 1, 2014

cozy camping

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IMG_3913I awake to the laughter of the others over that ridiculous shrilling bird. The guides let us know it was not a bird, but a tree Hyrax. It was described as an animal the size of a cat with good climbing claws and the ability to make a lot of noise. We saw some Rock Hyrax in the park the next day and they act much like a Marmot. And the grunt grunt that I attributed to a monkey were two walking birds. They are Ground Horn Bills. They walk along in courtship and like to make calls that travel long distances near dawn. One goes gump –rump=rumprumrump. The other answers gra gra. So they walked across that bluff in perfect timing, gru gru, gra, gra, gru, gr, gra, gra. The Taragire is truly an amazing place. The Tanzanians say that the bird is saying , “What are you looking for? “and the female answers, “One pound and twenty six pence.” And they laugh. Somehow, something is lost in translation.

The “camp” is set up by a camp crew that speeds ahead of our safari vehicles and erects a CAMP that has tents with porches, a cot and bed stand, and a back room with a porta pottie and a hot shower. The camp staff boils water and fills the 20 liter bags outside. Glorious. They come each morning and make hot coffee. And they cook and cook and cook and serve us in a cook tent. This camp staff works from 4am to 11pm at night. But they do so heartily and are thankful for the work. We have the best guide. We are traveling with a company called WILD FRONTIERS. They are the actually organizers of the marathon also. Our guides name is Bahati. He is at ease and as natural as the land and animals he loves. He jokes and teaches us Swahili and things that will make us love his Tanzania and his wish is that we be ambassadors about this place. He knows the patterns of these animals, not what the book says, but what they really do. He tells us details about birds, and beasts, and plants. I love him like a brother in just a weeks time

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