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February 28, 2014


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We had a kind of tourist reunion with a tribe that has figured out that inviting Safari loads into their village is lucrative. They ceremonial dance for us and I have to take note of their innovative sandals…motorcycle tires. The young teens have been to school and speak English. They finagle prices for beads and warrior shields for their parents. But all said, we learned a lot. Each hut has a stove area and two beds. The women’s dance involves jumping up at a beat that will make their neck band bounce off their chest. Hardly seems sexy, but they seem to think so. The gals giggled in delight that I could OUT JUMP all of them and as high as a guy. Thank you, Rob the trainer, for the “pops” and box jumps drills for track. When leaving one of the youth ask if I could sponsor him to go to college. Soon this tribe, so close to the city, will not have its current function. I wonder how long it will take for its necessities and traditions to die as the youth move on. But I had yet to really meet the Maasai. Though tourist contrived it was an invitation to witness an intact tribe from grandparents to small children. Later, I see a group of boys with black and white painted faces. These are boys between 15 years and 25 years who just got circumcised. Ouch. They do so in front of the tribe and women and if they so as flinch or twitch during so they are considered weak and not a catch for a marriage. They must recover for months and than will be considered marriage material.
Our time at the village pays for supplies shared by the village. Wonder what they will buy. At least I can guess, motorcycle tires. IMG_3627









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