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January 21, 2014

Running right along:

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Punched the stopwatch and ran for 2 1/2 hours. Down the bike path, through the Claremont colleges. Laps around one track, laps around another. Past the colleges. Snuck down a service road and ended up in the Santa Ana Botanical Garden? Ran on little man made trails in a man made fake forest and past planted shrubbery. Ran out of interest and ended up jogging in place in Somecrust ordering an iced mocha coffee. Ran back to the tracks and did laps with my iced hand weight. Ran back down the bike path. Flopped on couch to remove dirty shoes and socks. Flipped open Competitor Magazine. Little blurb article. “Safely Increase your mileage.” Don’t go out and risk injury. Bullet point: increase the frequency of your runs before adding mileage. (opps) Slow down! Your easy runs should be easy. (K. got that one. Can’t run too fast with an ice mocha in your hand) Make sure your long run is no more than 20 percent of your overall weekly (Opps, again). Increase mileage for two weeks and reduce on third before adding again. (I only have 5 more weeks, really opps.)

There are two books I found from velopress that may help me keep on track…or off the track and on the road for that matter. My body likes 2 lap races, over in 2 and a half minutes not 2 and half hours. And, truthfully, the training for those 2 and half minutes is more arduous, tactical, intense, and needing months of layering, wise training, good coaching, stretching, rest, nutrition as the 2 and half hour runs and marathoning. I am in territory of the unknown. So advice may come from Hanson’s Marathon Methods or the Rock n Roll Marathoner’s Guide.











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