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December 9, 2013

Gearing Up

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I plan to go run a marathon at the base of Kilimanjaro and than ascend to the top of that immense 19,000 mountain in Africa in three short months. How? I am not sure. By setting the goal and than dreaming out a game plan. It will be an adventure worth brining you along. So first, I decided to GEAR UP. I got my hair done by ALEX!alex Than I got my nails done. I know. I know. It’s so girl. Than I started a workout routine.
And than I committed to the month of December to work in Jackson, Wyoming. I get to work at the coolest store ever, an outdoor fitness shop called TETON MOUNTAINEERING. They are the hub of outdoor apparel, packs, boots, avalanche equipment, tents, gloves, backcountry skis, and socks. Not just any apparel. They carry Patagonia, Marmot, Mammut, Black Diamond, Arcteryx, and more types. The reps are in town and they are demonstrating all the lastest and greatest, all the new materials and products, Why this zipper does not leak, why this jacket shields from wind, what the differences are in down loft, and the gamete of color choices. Couldn’t be more yahoo. I am going to get a list from Kathy Loper of events and see what items they think are needed for Kilimanjaro and than I am going to find the best brand and options for those. How fun! Its the first step. LEAP! gear1








The Christ of Christmas, its about saving grace

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It was a sunny Sunday in cold Wyoming.Funny, my coming to feel the Christ in this Christmas season  came from a sermon on Psalm 69 and 107, not the Christmas story.  Here’s people that got lost in the wilderness and kept wandering until they were lost in a desert…one step in front of each other. Not intentional for some.  Some purposely navigated straight there. No matter how, they were all lost, at wits end, and the ends of the earth before they finally cried out.  And what did God do?  Belittle them for their foolishness?  Shame them?  Refuse to help and tell them they got themselves into the mess so find their own way out?  No He saved them.  He reached down and put them on Higher ground, a place we could never put ourselves in the first place.  And He restored innocence and offered His wings of refuge.  Astonishing how far we all can go, how much pain we will carrying, and pride that we have it all together and under control until….wham.  We are stressed, stretched, lost, disoriented, and cannot find our way back home.  It’s good to cry out and learn who GOD really is.  Lincoln said he often found himself on his knees because he knew no else where to go. I got to ponder this on a sub zero, wind intense day in the Teton Park as I walked to only the crunching sound of my feet and God’s restoration working warmth on the inside of my soul.  God is the ultimate life navigation system. His handiwork is not just the mountains.  It is each one of us. I feel like He gave me a lift and a road map and a hug and a purpose today. We all need His kind of rescuing, restoration, and redirection.  IMAG3551 IMAG3553 IMAG3554 IMAG3560 IMAG3565 IMAG3584


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