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November 17, 2013

Taking a shot at it.

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I can honestly say I have “been around the block” a few times. Takes a lot of takes to take running takes. Take 26. Take 31. Take I am sore the next day.

But take that! We are working on the pilot pitch for “Finding Fit”. I like these kind of workouts.

I flew to Florida and spent time ‘riding shotgun’ and timing races with the American RFID representative. Just to practice, much the same way you do as an athlete. It is my style. I have been in the timing industry for over two decades. Electronics and the programs that propel them are on a constant move so I wisely train not only to race, but to TIME races. I have an adventure based timing company called Itz ABOUT TIME. This company is doing more than just timing. Most exciting are some new developments.  We are taking innovative and entrepreneur steps for a new event series, developing and calendaring some supreme track clinics, and most exciting, pitching a live reality show called “FINDING FIT”.

“FINDING FIT” is not about me, but its letting you follow me to fit events, fit places, ferreting out fun, fit opportunities.  It is about my lifestyle, my temperament, my ability to go places…met people… and find things to do. Interesting, sometimes tangent, random, off the wall things, amazing things.   I put it on a test drive while in Florida.

I met so many interesting people, and places, and opportunities to play , be, and enjoy fitness in Florida so worth the  love of sharing them with you.  Random. Take note of the young family that has their kids running.  The little girl is happy to run a 5k at the young age of six. Dad’s not pushing her to.  He is guiding her how to.  She is proud of her Nike running shoes and her matching Nike running shorts. This dad runs a  mile every other day with each kid.  Gives them time with dad and gets them in shape.  What a gift to them for a lifetime.  Way to go dad.

Thank you yoga instructor, Julie Torsiello whom you can greet and meet on for leading me through your class. Astounded at your flexibility and agility…and your age! And telling me about Cool clothes in more ways than one. Believe me, clothes in Florida need to be vented.

It was a full privilege to tour JoeyD’s ( state of the art fitness facility focusing on fitness that will help a Golfer’s game. Can’t complain how its layered the looks of the young and successfully superstarish, Keegan Bradley, who faithfully puts in training time each available day in addition to drills and practice on the golf course. There is a reason he is a PRO and ranked top 10 in the world. I have seen solid athleticism come out of specialty training and focused coaching .Cheer, cheer for JoeyD’s. For me, One to One Wellness ( ) in Jackson Wyoming has been my find. Through them, I have the perfect trainer who can help me plan and obtain fitness goals tailor suited for me.  Cheer.  Cheer for personal trainer Rob.

And before I head on to other things past Florida, I want to thank a random 65 year old lady walking along the beach for asking to  join whatever wacky moves I was doing.  She did all the track leg warm ups at her pace and lift height and also did abs right plopped in the sand. We giggled. Why erase that childlike joy of just moving, jumping, rolling, and literally playing in the sand. What a be-fitting find these days were.  Keep following me as we FIND FIT.  I am about to add some additional adventures that will still take you to all seven continents and the indigenous peoples.  Did you know I signed up to run the Kilimanjaro Marathon at the base of that beastly 19,000 foot mountain in Africa and than will climb it . That takes place February , 2014.  Soon enough to beef up the training.  I will also be representing the USA at the World  Masters Track & Field Indoor Championships in Budapest, Hungary end of March.  It will be a busy task .  All things grounded with a job in public parks & recreation.

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