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November 1, 2013

Getting on the right track

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ON THE RIGHT TRACK! Wonder where all the wandering is going? That’s the point and the wonder of it all…it is not easy daring to do what most of us dare not. I signed on to run in the Indoor Track & Field World Championships in Budapest ,Hungary end of March, 2014, but not before I tackle yet another continent marathon. Soon to let you in on the journey to the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa for a 26.2 mile run and then an ascent up that 19,000 foot geographical beast of a mountain and to get to know Kenyans and the beast of challenges the Kenyans face. Found a ‘perfect’ place to train the track in Chula Vista and a ‘perfect’ place to train for Kilimanjaro in Jackson, Wyoming. No bother, that they are close to 1,000 miles apart!















IMG_3287I hope I have also found the perfect job. I am returning to recreation based administration job and still hobby the timing and producing events. But with the series and recreation jobs, I am striving to be on the people end of things more than the production, volume, and number end of things. I spent the year getting back in touch with the ground, my feet, my agility, my body. I learned to hop across streams again. Climb rocks. Scale mountains. Be confident on a frozen continent…Antarctica. Ride a bike again, although I have a newly added gash on my shin to add to the other leg scars collected from all this outdoor learning. I got down to California. Took my bike out of the back end of the truck. Clipped in and instantly proceeded to fall over fully locked into the sprocket. Ouch. The chain had derailed in the journey down from Jackson. But I hadn’t. I now knew how to get up, ignore a little blood, dust off, put the chain back on the rail, and peddle on. I could not say I could have done that a year ago, my confidence, though I did not want to admit it, was sorely dashed in going through a divorce. I had to almost teach myself how to live and be and be capable again. Can I be thankful of the process, God’s grace, and some key experiences and very random and unforeseen people in my life. I left if you remember last summer daring and dragging a trailer behind my truck past Yosemite, over Tioga Pass, and through the Nevada desert in the middle of the night to find myself on a dead end dirt road and an immense salt flat. I have so much to tell you still about that year, and so much to strive forward into this next. I am about to keep embarking. I dare not not to.

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