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October 15, 2013


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Wow, blog. I have to catch you up. Where have I been? Actually, where have I NOT been!! Upstate New York, Vermont, Boston, California, Wyoming, California, Colorado, Wyoming like a ping pong ball. Some of it to do races. Let’s start with races. Itz ABOUT TIME has timed the following fun, wild Wyoming events. The pictures should give you a sense ‘community’. Yeah small town America for having that spirit. This is OLD BILL’s…a million dollar idea, literally. They have raised an unprecedented $100 million, I overheard. A wealthy gentleman in the Jackson area said he would match any funds that community interest groups raised. Instead of each individual group trying to put on a fund raising event, the Teton County Community Foundation was formed and puts on one BIG event that all the groups can use as a fund raiser.
Old Bill’s is a 5k, 10K done any style, at any speed, in support of whatever interest group represented. There were people walking their horses. A gal with her African Grey Parrot in a handmade backpack cage. Groups in tootoos. Or is it tutus?. Costumes. And a score of fit and healthy avid runners. They were thrilled to have CHIP AFFIXED to the BIB timing. IMG_3046













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