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September 13, 2013


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ResizedImage_1378169802608Sport is not just brawn or muscle speed. I got to attend the Deutsche Bank Fed Ex Cup Golf Championship in Boston. Though very underexposed to golf, I was grasping what it takes athletically to be in this sport… I know what it takes to jump over a bar, or release a javelin, or approach a hurdle. But amazed am I at what it takes to precisely hit a tiny, hard ball with a skinny club. They don’t call them GOLF PROs for nothing. It takes supreme focus, years and years of layered precision, exactness, internal composure, and the ability to accept and move instantly beyond a shot in a game that can swing so many, many different ways. And they stay in this GAME for days on end…in this focused intensity. We marvel at a stunt like running a marathon which only calls for hours of drain on a competitor. I am impressed and respectfully awed. What a sport of character and demeanor. So thrilling to be a guest of the winning team: Keegan Bradley, his caddy Pepsi, and a dad, Mark, who as a pro raised Keegan ‘playing’ the game starting as a toddler. Golf got spiced with a few fishing rods, fun, and winters competitively skiing. Baby shoes with tacks added to the soles are evidence of a dad gifting his son to love and enjoy the game. Way to go dad. Your grace with people comes through in your son and makes us love to watch him plunk those impossible balls out of the bunkers and onto the greens, inches from that hole ,whether we are skilled at the game or not. There is the cutest host of young, hopeful players that idolize and follow Keegan’s every move. Sons with their dads, quietly holding their breathe on every strong and straight and adeptly placed shot. Thanks, Bradleys, for the lobster party, tour of Pat’s home with its classic Cape Code views and memoirs of her road to the golf hall of fame, and meeting the matriarch of it all…an impressively dressed and razor sharp minded 89 year old woman . It rained and the players had to wait out the storm. Discussions were not on cars they just bought, or their homes in Juniper, Florida …worth millions. They were enjoying being surrounded by their families and girlfriends, friends, and spouses. The talk was simple and full of jests. I have always perceived Phil Michelson s as a solid, unflustered family man very much about etiquette and people. He was even more so in person. Though involved in polishing a bowl of oatmeal and trying to get deep into the head part of his game, he sincerely reached out to other player’s family members and guests. He stuck his hand into mind and flashed a genuine smile and a firm squeeze. Than off to make millions. The younger generation, Dustin Johnson was playfully threatening to leave in the leer jet if the other young guns Brendan Steele and Keegan Bradley, had to continue their play into the next day. This must have been a real threat, because the minute they were off the course, Keegan politely signed a few frenzying fans’ posters and visors and high tailed it in the direction of the airplane. None of these young men wanted to end up in a public airport trying to get home for a needed week off. Left standing at the autograph fence was a stunned boy about 11 to 12 years of age. I had overheard him tell his dad that he was going to miss the 18th hole so he could be the first one standing for autographs for Keegan. This young man was so polite, that as Keegan came by, ruder and more forceful kids pushed their hats above and all around him. He never got his visor signed. I saw him watch the back of his athlete giant, Keegan Bradley, disappear into the departure vehicles. His head bowed to hide the tears that he fought so hard to hold back to no avail. All the kids were now gone save this young man holding his visor. Another young player from his golf team came over and jabbed the boy in the shoulder, “Hey, man. It’s okay. Next time.” Knowing that would not help. But Mark Bradley did. Keegan’s father was told how the boy had waited at the fence and went back into the crowd to find the boy still standing at the spot he had hoped to get Keegan’s signature. Mark took off his own Cleveland visor signed by his winning son and slapped it into the hand of the now emotionally overwhelmed boy.. “Enjoy the game. Practice, but most of all, just enjoy PLAYING the game.”, The two boys who now realized the gift were able get their voices bellowed excitedly back after us. “ Thank you, MR BRADLEY. We play at Keegan’s old course.” Mark shared as we walked to the VIP parking that he had always encouraged his son and the young junior players he taught to just PLAY the game. Pick up on a part of the course that they would not be in the way and PLAY. He would take Keegan to 3 par courses so the game would be more interesting, rewarding, quicker, and skill affirming. “I did so because my boy wanted to play. He’d tell me, I want to be a pro golfer…someday.”

Muddy Messes make for good times

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Check out This event is coming to San Francisco November 2, 2013. It is designed with a fast class for the competitive spirits and a fun class for the ones that just want to do it any ole way. It was a pleasure to meet the Calabria family who made the event a family outing that they smiled through and esteem as a great way to spend a weekend together. When other can you tell your kids to play in the mud! It is a privilege to work with the event designers from, a strong force of innovators that provide corporate initiatives and want to extend this same need for ‘PLAY’ to the public. ‎We all have or have had obstacles to overcome. This is a celebration of just that.IMAG1305






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