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August 30, 2013

On the MOVE…

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So 387 qualified applicants with Masters Degrees applied.  They reviewed what they felt were the top 60 in the assessment session and I got the coveted call back to be interviewed, one of 17…and I also got the email saying that, though all of us were of equal caliber, a hard choice had been made.  I am to remain on a qualified list for the next six months  should any future positions open. That email came after my son, daughter, and a boat load of their friends had spent the weekend at the Colorado River.  I know opportunities open to those that open themselves up for opportunities to open.  In the meantime, I am on an airplane heading to Boston to pick up timing mats, add them to my luggage of timing equipment, and make my way to Lake Placid and upstate New York for some events Grand Dynamics have branded as ‘The Ultimate Towner’, overcoming your obstacles by conquering  unique courses of mud and  obstacles.  The boat in storage does not make sense until I take the boat out of storage and fill it with laughter, memories, time with my young adult kids.  So it is a ‘place’ not just a thing.  (Though the ‘thing’ cost a ridiculous amount of money to ‘bring out of storage’.  The old gas had to be pumped out.  The body, upholstery, and belly waxed up nice and shiny.  The engine tuned.  The registration fees paid.  And than there was this astounding ‘pleasure tax’ newly initiated by a defunct county to increase revenue that places a $392 yearly fee on a ‘toy’ craft such as a boat or motorhome regardless of its non use in storage.) But I was proud of my kids, who have come to see income weighed against cost of food, gas, and housing.  In full funness, ( I know these are not words, many I coin to just befittingly over describe or emphasize.  It is fun to make that point.  Eye catchers because they are not words.  If you are into where’s Waldo, you can find these added ings and eds in this blog.)

We all pitched in for gas, bought groceries instead of eating out, and slept 7 of us on pads and blankets in one room…and had a very cozy, camp style time together.  It is to be relished, a place that offers time to get to know my merging adulIMAG1154 IMAG1204 IMAG1188 IMAG1184 IMAG1181 IMAG1209 IMAG1211 IMAG1214tish kids and the friends they choose. And I relished this one as they wished to have a great time on the littlest of dimes.  (Shhhh.  Don’t tell them it cost over $1400 just to pull the boat out of storage. ) But  does a ‘place’ like this have a price tag?  Not this kind of place.

Ps.  Yes, that is the same pink bikini as in Antarctica.  Not sure which is more bearable.  The Colorado River was 115 degrees this particular weekend.

I am 51 years old and am training myself for a WORLD TRACK & FIELD championship.  I owe thanks to the keen  training from Chad n Bianca at Crossfit South Redlands and most recently in Jackson by  the wise and  watchful layering of One to One Wellness  in Jackson.

Love you guys. And love the sport of being able to do sports…at any age.



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