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August 30, 2013

Home town…Vermont

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Pastoral is how Mark Bradley describes his home state of Vermont.  Loves the WEST, but than there’s Vermont. I agree.  The pastures and rolling hills are heavenly.  I had the supreme privilege of spending a few pastoral, picturesque, pleasant wandering days in Vermont.  I am in love…with a sister in beauty place to the Tetons, but very different in personality.  Vermont is dainty, tidy, refined, with shiny horses, wind wanes a top sprawling white fenced ranches, flowers, brick buildings, wood framed windows, stately porches, with rolling hills and rolling thunder.  I had the privilege of watching the Bradleys give back to their home town.

IMG_2970 IMG_2990 IMG_2995 IMG_2996 IMG_2997 IMG_3001 IMG_3005 IMG_3007 IMG_3009 IMG_3013 IMG_3018 IMG_3022 IMG_3025 IMG_3028 IMG_3029 IMG_3030 IMG_3031 IMG_3033 IMG_3036 IMG_3037 IMG_3040



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