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August 11, 2013

I knew you when!

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I am in California for the week being the Grizzly mom with Kaiser Insurance trying to get them to respond to a life changing mountain bike crash my 22-year-old son took.  He came to Jackson to cover an event for me and brought his cousin, their mountain bikes, zeal, and a go-pro camera.  Envisioning inspiring footage they would be able to post, they paid to ride the lifts up the ski resort and bike courses down.  A crash severed all the ligaments away from John’s shoulder.  All of them.  Kaiser was unwilling to have a surgeon in Jackson do the surgery, but is unable to get him in until three months AFTER the initial injury.  He will have to carry his floating collar-bone around for all those painful months.  Hmmmmm. Growl.  Want to see a Grizzly strike when it comes to a cub?! This quick biff on the bike will cost him months and months of recovery and rehab.  It is going to take major reconstructive surgery.

So, I have to at least spend one stereotypical day in California.  Thank you, my friend Valerie Ells for showing me a set of stairs and a way to get to this beach.  It  was a sunny, breezy, crystal clear water day on a Laguna area beach  in California that arrayed as much fashion and poise as any Hawaiian Island beach. I was captured in its blues and frothy waves, the rocks, and the dolphins so close to shore. A plus day helped get my head in gear for an upcoming interview

I also have to visit Crossfit South Redlands. I hope to fill you in on the rigors and choices of training I have put in the past months.   But I am keeping in stealth.  Surprising to me, I found very little time to be on the track when I was on the track coaching and training the High School kids this past season. I think I jumped over a bar…once…and ran down a long jump run way…once or twice.  But I have been using the time to layer…layer strength that disappears when stuffed behind a business desk ,or on the road, or setting up events at 3am in the mornings.  I had been putting in 70 hour work weeks for years.  I am hoping to attend the World Masters Track & Field Championships in October as a test of how well this year ‘layered’ me.  I attended the USA track & Field Coaches Level 11 academy to further my professional love and link to track and the sports psychology, kinesiology, and biomechanics is invaluable to this sport.  Race on!

But that said I am enjoying that a new wave of us are enjoying CROSSFIT.  Only a few short years ago I remember three firefighters tumbling out of an industrial unit gasping for air.  I thought it was a chemical leak and came on the run to help them.  A marine  fit man came out after them and told them to swing their kettle bells, luff a tire down the alley, and jump up and down on this wood box.  Taken was I by the movement style gym.  Chad and his gal, Bianca have flourished that one unit gym  to the most stylist, coordinated 8 warehouse unit gym I have ever since.  I love them.  The gym.  And thank them for letting me do drop ins when in California.IMAG1162 IMAG1163 IMAG1167 IMAG0002 IMAG1138 IMAG1139 IMAG1142 IMAG1145

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