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August 6, 2013

The Horse Whisperer

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IMG_2840 IMG_2843 IMG_2846 IMG_2849 IMG_2850 IMG_2852There is a huge Red Barn in the valley near Moran, Wyoming.  The grass is tall.  The horses are stout.  The Tetons loom, loom, loom as the backdrop. I keep using that word LOOM to describe this mountain range, but there is no where on earth like it. Nowhere where the mountains jet straight out of the valley into jagged and character peaks.  There are no foothills obscuring the direct view and, they, therefore, look like a fake and picture perfect movie back drop.

This part of Wyoming is where ‘real’ cowboys cowboy.  It is where men rely on good, sturdy horseback.  It is where Spielberg discovered the real horse whisperer.  I took the privilege to go watch this soft-spoken man, grey and weathered with experience.  He was to tame a wild horse.  He had only spent the day prior patiently letting this young, jittering, 1,300 pound , scared animal …smell him.  He had quietly, softly let the animal open up to the touch of his fingers and hands. And he had played with its mane, haunches, back, neck, and belly to touch away the animals captured fears and allowed the horse to trust him.  In one day’s time, he had that horse following him around the coral with just the faintest cluck of his mouth.  When I joined to watch, they had taped a mike to the light voice that came from the ranch hand.   He rarely looked us in the eye, but he talked us through what he had learned of the horse and how it behaved, reacted, and how best to calm its fears.  He said that he had learned that shackling them and breaking a bronco was hard and painful work.  Getting to know the horse and letting it be respectful and obedient  was a much better approach.  In just a handful of hours, this ranch hand had a blanket, bridle, bit, and saddle on this horse and was riding it around the coral.  The horse had been brought in, never broken to ride by a random owner.  We all watched in awe…in awe at a simple, hard working guy who had simply  respect and love for the horse and a soundness  that made that horse love, trust, and respect him.  He rattled off life revealing poems, cowboy poetry, as he went about his work of touching, calming, and teaching the horse.  And we were filled with his humility and life lessons.  More than training a horse whispered through to us.

I was bouncing out the gravel driveway, the red barn in my rearview mirror, with a peaceful warmth in having driven all the way out here…to witness a man they all called “the horse whisperer”.  I heartly admitted, this is much the way a man who touches softly, patiently, and well… will captivate and win the heart of a woman…a free flowing, wild woman; full of fears, energy, and jumpiness…one that very much describes me.  Yes, we can be calmed over and tamed with the finesse of a horse whisperer!  And its beautiful.

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