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July 29, 2013

Glowing embers

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I took a long time watching a moose.  I made it a game to take a picture of every different flower I could find.  I enjoyed the unseasonably warm afternoon.  I stopped near 6pm at the most quaint river and waterfall and washed the dust and sweat off, fired up the jet boil and enjoyed soup and foiled chicken.  I packed higher to near the tree line and found, prior to the sun setting a great spot to make a camp.  Someone had built a ring on an slab of granite for a fire pit.  I was not in the park boundaries, but still not sure if a campfire was within the rules, but the camp was perfect.  it had a table height flat rock that made for a table and a view of the setting sun on the Idaho side of the mountain and the full moon cresting on the other. It was picture perfect.  I had my tent up and a hot cup of mint flavored coffee when I was treated to an array of intense sunset colors.  Yummmm.

This is good my sole got to say.  That’s when the scream of a women being stabbed came from the ravine below.  You know that saying that your blood runs cold.  This is a sound that makes your blood run cold.  I had heard it one other time when I had been in the nestled comfort of a cabin and it still made my blood run cold.  It is the call of a cougar…a mountain lion.  What was HE doing near my near perfect camp.  He sounded about 45 minutes later above me.  The legality of the fire pit lost its issue as I gathered dead branches and kindled a safe and gentle one to keep me company and discourage the lurking critter  from wanting to enter my camp.  IMG_2686 IMG_2703 IMG_2707 IMG_2715 IMG_2723 IMG_2742 IMG_2756 IMG_2760  IMG_2766 IMG_2767

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