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July 13, 2013

Spinning my wheels

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Mud Bud and I are back on the attack of finding and riding trails.  I respect the rocks, the steep descents, and the fact that I can at any moment go over the handle bars. Rolling down the hill attached to the pedals would have the equivalent effect as rolling down a hill with an anvil.  So when one of the other riders had a brake cable break and I took it upon myself to ride that crippled bike down, I respected the fact that I would not be able to stop.  I would get up momentum and than dart the bike uphill to stop.  That worked until I hit the man-made berms at the bottom of the mountain.  I didn’t maneuver the second to the last turn and biffed it.  Luckily, I was fully armored with shin and elbow guards and still took a chuck out of my shoulder and elbow.  Well, my son came to Jackson on a long-awaited chance to mountain bike and more than biffed it.  He pulled apart his shoulder and we are awaiting the surgery that has to accompany that misfortune of a fall. I will keep you posted. But you have to agreed, the views are breathtaking.jack26 jack21 jack20 jack17 jack13 jack6 jack16

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