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July 12, 2013

RUN, BIKE, CLIMB, FLY AWAY. Mountain athletes at the OUTER LOCAL GAMES

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I timed the ultimate mountain athlete event.  ITZABOUTTIME.  The OUTER LOCAL SUMMER GAMES is a run. Not any ole run, a trail run to the top of SNOW KING ski resort in Jackson, Wyoming.  And then a bike.  Not any ole bike.  A mountain bike to the top of SNOW KING ski resort…and not just one lap to the top, but TWO!  And than a climb.  Not any ole climb.  20 routes with scored moves of difficulty plus penalties for falls. And than, if that is not enough, the OUTER LOCAL SUMMER GAMES has yet another leg. Athletes pack packs to the top of SNOW KING,uncoil them and paraglide to a bulls eye on the other side of town.  The Athletes, than roll everything back into the pack and run back to the finish line at the base of the SNOW KING RESORT.  IMG_2570 IMG_2569 IMG_2566 IMG_2564 IMG_2561 IMG_2559 IMG_2555 IMG_2553 IMG_2551 IMG_2550 IMG_2548

How do you describe the OUTERLOCAL SUMMER GAMES?  I can’t.  So I will tell you about it in pictures. This is the ultimate in adventure race timing…the ultimate in mountain athlete events…and they do it with finesse, poise, composure.  With …Glee! Not intensity, but intently about being pure  rugged and outdoorsy.  Running…up a mountain. Biking…up a mountain.  Climbing…all over hard bouldering moves…luffing a 50 to 70 lb pack…up a mountain.  And than jumping off and paragliding down…wrapping up your chutes, and packing (running it) back to town and to the finish.  That is the Outerlocal Games. It took a burly bear of a timing company like ME to time it!  Drawn to it.  Went looking for it. It’s enjoyable just watching them enjoy it…and than the town had a party for them.  And than some of the para gliders, suited up, geared up, put in extra stoves and survival gear, a gps, and navigator device, and jumped off in the pursuit of the longest recorded glide…all have no idea where they will finally end up and know that they may have to survive and pack out from all kinds of unknown points in the Wind River Range and beyond. Burly.  IMG_2466 IMG_2471 IMG_2474 IMG_2475 IMG_2476 IMG_2477 IMG_2484 IMG_2493 IMG_2502 IMG_2503 IMG_2504 IMG_2509 IMG_2513 IMG_2520 IMG_2524 IMG_2525 IMG_2526 IMG_2533 IMG_2535

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