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June 19, 2013

Putting around

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Did I ever tellgolf1 golf2 golf3 golf7 you my greatest bodily injury was from golfing?  I didn’t know how to play but thought I could tee off.  I held the club correctly, but saw that the ball had to go an intimidating distance. I swung that club with all my might…with my knees bent, and hit the ground at an angle that ripped the cartilage away from my sternum, pressed a rib into my lung, and collapsed it.  Now, how’s that for a need for a paramedic and a ride in an ambulance.  That was in my early thirties. So go around number two.  Jackson Hole has fabulous and famous golf courses and  equally famous golfers and pros.  The Bradley family is huge and accomplished and a name drop to golfing.  I had the privilege this week to get a lesson from PRO Mark Bradley.  His son is Keegan Bradley. Thankfully, he started on the putting green and I only moved to chipping.  Ps.  I have outfits to wear in Antarctica to survive and for every other sport imaginable, but get a load of my classy golf shoes! I think this sport is like ice skating.  You have to start at birth.  And birth the Bradley’s did.  Both Mark and his sister Pat were raised golfing.  Mark gave that gift to his son Keegan.  He actually has baby shoes that Mark put tacks in so his son could have golfing shoes for the green.  And this dad cut down clubs to fit the age of his son as he grew.  What a gift a dad gave his kid. I may be too old to learn new tricks, but somewhere I read that what all millionaires had in common is they played golf.  Hmmm.  I think they just could afford time on their hands!  I have to say I am and enthusiastic, but awkward and it will take a pro to teach me anything!  Humbling to an athlete.  Any golfing tips out there?  For one, don’t bend your knees when you tee off!!!!

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