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June 19, 2013

Getting Down to Business

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There is so much to still relate about Antarctica, the whales, hues, penguins, people, and  hard-working and handsome Russian aboard that ship. There is much to discover as to why I would seek out indigenous people on every continent.  I am beginning to know why. I have other continents to continue on to.

There is so much to still relate about this choice I made to pioneer in Jackson, Wyoming…to live the winter of my life. I have almost completed my year  of self-imposed commitment to do so. And the grass is now green.  The flowers blooming.  The streams flowing.  And…

I have the  timing of racing events to share. And lots more on the upcoming calendar.  I have a USATF Track & Field Level II coaches academy to attend.  I have a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Track & Field competition to train for by October, 2013. I have a superb training plan to share. Track kids that made it to state and are being offered full ride scholarships.  Others equally talented that have years left to compete.  A church service I attended where trumpeter swans were gracefully gliding and sensationally drifting and diving behind the vaulted glass window with the Tetons as their backdrop.  They so simulated my life this past year.  The pastor’s words glided and drifted and brought me to the place of moving beyond all that I could never earn or fix or measure up to, to simply being in awe of who God is and we are not.

And that said, I am getting down to business.  Enjoy all the tales I will have as I unleash my bikes, climbing shoes, hiking boots ,and soul, but know that there is this professional side of me…a very professional side, that is a talented administrator.  I have a master’s degree in Public Administration and will be applying that soon to recreation programs, coaching at a higher level, and finally producing that script and a book.  I worked very hard to come up with the means to part this year this way and will continue to work hard as I open up new roads in management.  There is no way of knowing where all this will lead or take me save to just follow the blog and follow me as I wander through the adventure we all know is life with its unknowns of tomorrow and  all we have is todays. Its not all about what we do.  It is about who we are and who we touch and who touches us. We want to make that kind of difference.IMG_2261 Ps.  This is the down to business Caren that can interview for positions, book publishers, and present movie scripts. IMG_2263 IMG_2264 IMG_2267


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