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June 28, 2013

Dedicate this song to change

Filed under: Uncategorized — Caren Ware @ 5:37 am Watched a guy this winter take his tatterness, turn using into being used…become the butterfly from the cocoon.  Transforming, inspiring change. Beautiful to watch take wings. It can take place in any one of us.

We need to allow people to change, most importantly…ourselves.



Dedicate this song to my winter.

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If there was a lesson to learn from the pace and pursuit of the past years.


June 27, 2013

Emerging from the winter of my life. 9 months of frozen.

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j52 jack1 jack8There’s a lot going on inside.  There is a lot going on outside.  It is a great place to be…watching the grass grow on the inside and out.  Ps.  Got my nails done…obviously. And PPS. (If there is such a thing)  There is a journal worth reading some day.

Hoofing it

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Shhhh.  It is crystal silent, vivid still.  It is the perfect sneak into territory less traveled .  Rock formations rarely viewed.  Expansive meadows. Sweeping skies making its signature on our day.  What a day after a 3am rush to get to Dubois and a pleasantly timed event. j50 j9 j10 j12 j13 j15 j17 j23 Thank you, Aaron, for being perfect ITzABOUTTIME staff  and willing to detour on the way back…just to check it out. Definitely worth checking out.

June 23, 2013


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Grass and ground are finally here and my new venture ,Itz ABOUT TIME, is timing races…all over the place.  Tough Towner in Ohio. Tough Towner in Jackson. Coastal relay and half marathon in Maui.  Half Marathon in Jackson.  High Altitude High Country Challenge 5k, 10K, 15k in DuboisIMG_2105, the quaintest western town in a red rock canyon.  Next week it will be the Outer Summer Games…running, biking, paragliding, and rock climbing.  IMG_2110 IMG_2112 IMG_2113 IMG_2144 IMG_2146 IMG_2150 IMG_2182 IMG_2186 IMG_2187 IMG_2407 IMG_2413 IMG_2420 IMG_2423  IMG_2431

June 19, 2013

Putting around

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Did I ever tellgolf1 golf2 golf3 golf7 you my greatest bodily injury was from golfing?  I didn’t know how to play but thought I could tee off.  I held the club correctly, but saw that the ball had to go an intimidating distance. I swung that club with all my might…with my knees bent, and hit the ground at an angle that ripped the cartilage away from my sternum, pressed a rib into my lung, and collapsed it.  Now, how’s that for a need for a paramedic and a ride in an ambulance.  That was in my early thirties. So go around number two.  Jackson Hole has fabulous and famous golf courses and  equally famous golfers and pros.  The Bradley family is huge and accomplished and a name drop to golfing.  I had the privilege this week to get a lesson from PRO Mark Bradley.  His son is Keegan Bradley. Thankfully, he started on the putting green and I only moved to chipping.  Ps.  I have outfits to wear in Antarctica to survive and for every other sport imaginable, but get a load of my classy golf shoes! I think this sport is like ice skating.  You have to start at birth.  And birth the Bradley’s did.  Both Mark and his sister Pat were raised golfing.  Mark gave that gift to his son Keegan.  He actually has baby shoes that Mark put tacks in so his son could have golfing shoes for the green.  And this dad cut down clubs to fit the age of his son as he grew.  What a gift a dad gave his kid. I may be too old to learn new tricks, but somewhere I read that what all millionaires had in common is they played golf.  Hmmm.  I think they just could afford time on their hands!  I have to say I am and enthusiastic, but awkward and it will take a pro to teach me anything!  Humbling to an athlete.  Any golfing tips out there?  For one, don’t bend your knees when you tee off!!!!

Putting the boots back on.

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IMG_2440 IMG_2441 IMG_2444 IMG_2453 IMG_2461 IMG_2463 I love to prove it can be done.

Getting Down to Business

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There is so much to still relate about Antarctica, the whales, hues, penguins, people, and  hard-working and handsome Russian aboard that ship. There is much to discover as to why I would seek out indigenous people on every continent.  I am beginning to know why. I have other continents to continue on to.

There is so much to still relate about this choice I made to pioneer in Jackson, Wyoming…to live the winter of my life. I have almost completed my year  of self-imposed commitment to do so. And the grass is now green.  The flowers blooming.  The streams flowing.  And…

I have the  timing of racing events to share. And lots more on the upcoming calendar.  I have a USATF Track & Field Level II coaches academy to attend.  I have a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Track & Field competition to train for by October, 2013. I have a superb training plan to share. Track kids that made it to state and are being offered full ride scholarships.  Others equally talented that have years left to compete.  A church service I attended where trumpeter swans were gracefully gliding and sensationally drifting and diving behind the vaulted glass window with the Tetons as their backdrop.  They so simulated my life this past year.  The pastor’s words glided and drifted and brought me to the place of moving beyond all that I could never earn or fix or measure up to, to simply being in awe of who God is and we are not.

And that said, I am getting down to business.  Enjoy all the tales I will have as I unleash my bikes, climbing shoes, hiking boots ,and soul, but know that there is this professional side of me…a very professional side, that is a talented administrator.  I have a master’s degree in Public Administration and will be applying that soon to recreation programs, coaching at a higher level, and finally producing that script and a book.  I worked very hard to come up with the means to part this year this way and will continue to work hard as I open up new roads in management.  There is no way of knowing where all this will lead or take me save to just follow the blog and follow me as I wander through the adventure we all know is life with its unknowns of tomorrow and  all we have is todays. Its not all about what we do.  It is about who we are and who we touch and who touches us. We want to make that kind of difference.IMG_2261 Ps.  This is the down to business Caren that can interview for positions, book publishers, and present movie scripts. IMG_2263 IMG_2264 IMG_2267


June 6, 2013

Running all over the place!

How’s this for hill repeats!  Bryce Canyon is 8300 feet.  Touched the valley floor than did 44, 72, and 94 second sprints back up till I reached the top.  This is  travel and training at 100 percent.b4 b5 b7 b9 IMAG0002_COVER IMAG0664 IMAG0665 IMAG0673 IMAG0684

June 5, 2013

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IMG_2285 IMG_2287 IMG_2291 IMG_2293 IMG_2294 IMG_2296 IMG_2299 IMG_2300 IMG_2304 IMG_2306 IMG_2319 IMG_2320 IMG_2323 IMG_2327 IMG_2330 IMG_2331 IMG_2336 IMG_2337 IMG_2344 IMG_2354IMG_2342Kakakuloa is a remote Polynesian community on a remote, rarely traveled end of Maui . Rudy Huber, the Race Director for the JTB Maui Marathon held in September of each year has a sincere heart for the island and its islanders.  He designed a Half Marathon to directly fund the renovation of a wooden church originally built in 1887.  This quiet, strong personal trainer and professional track coach takes the time to learn and love people.  We spent half a day prior to the event just visiting on the porch of the caretaker of the church. Richard, a  grey haired native Polynesian,  talks in unhurried wisdom and plays his ukulele with an Emmy award winning falsetto. The church, a simple building and its steeple ,are central to the valley’s 42 residences.  It is what you see as you scan the village from the grass blowing bluffs above.  It is the finish line for the grueling 13.1 miles from Fleming Park above Kaanapali. Offered is a team relay for two if you want to split the intense course in half.  Rudy has formulated a perfect destination race that combines cultural experience with rare and stunning views.  Waves crash against the cliffs.  Red rock, prominent on this end of the island, backdrops the lush grasses and tropical flowers.  Trade winds are better than any industrial air conditioner.  I was belly aching about the ravines and hills of Antarctica and participants took these in Maui in stride , exclaiming this was, by far, the best looking course they had ever been on… allowing them to forgive the arduous element of it all.  As I was handing out bibs a gal smiled and reached for a hug.  “Misses Ware…you were my 5th grade school teacher!”. I was a new graduate at 21 years old and now here she is, a road racer and mother of two, graduated herself and now teaching.  Another couple proposed at the finish line.  This was one of those kind of races.  I know I saw smiles on every face as they  happily clamored back into the shuttles or our rental cars to be driven back over the single lane road that hung off the cliffs.  This race is a gold nugget find with a great custom medal and the forever reward of seeing a place they never knew was so beautiful.  Not one left, including me, wishing they had never come.  (website)

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