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May 2, 2013

Cuddly Duddlys

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Watch  the documentary March of the Penguins and gain the utmost respect for this species.IMG_1023 IMG_1024 IMG_1029 IMG_1041 IMG_1053 IMG_1054 IMG_1061 IMG_1078 IMG_1080 IMG_1099 IMG_1106 IMG_1109       Need I say more.  The tuxedo fellows were made for ice. It was a privilege to witness them on their own turf in their own cycles.  The buddies perched on the shore are not as happy as they appear.  They are late bloomers who are hungry and cannot go into the sea and feed themselves until all their feathers molt out…is that the right word for fall out?  I heard they mate for life.  It is so engrained in them to build a home for their mates, that the males will stack rocks and stack rocks all season in hopes that their woman will someday appear even if she was eaten by a seal or sea-lion or such.  And than the other males will steal rocks from their pile when they faithfully waddle away to pick up new rocks.  Somehow, it related all to well to our own human heartaches and situations.  What to do when that one and only, thought to be forever, relationship doesn’t work out? How long do we continue to stack rocks?   In hopes of? And how hurt we should be if we knew others were stealing rocks from our home?  Maybe I am personalizing them too much, but I sat and perched back. Hi, silly, amazing, likable, loveable birds…in all your freezerishness.  I am saddened  for you that your mate will not be returning and you are here faithfully waiting.

Ps.  It is very cold.


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