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May 1, 2013

I have a crush

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969594939297Every day became more divinely beautiful, captivating, luring than the next. Each day had weather, bays, glaciers, ice calving, floating ice bergs, snow blown mountain tops, sunbeams, circular clouds, moody fog, crystal waters, reflections, sunrises, and sunsets.  The waters were teaming with unfathomable life symbiotically cohabitating in their unspoiled habitat.  Antarctica is a frozen Eden we must ferociously remain visitors, observers, and protectors of.  Huge humpback whales circled and frolicked with our zodiacs and kayaks bobbing up to eyeball us. Blow. Spout. Flip. Turn.  And a gigantic fluke appeared and dived under, leaving a circle in the sea…the whale’s foot print. Seals lay floating on icebergs after snacking on a plentiful penguin. IMG_1252IMG_1253 And the penguins who had matured were bounding across the seas in synchronized butterfly strokes. Others stood stoically on shore waiting their turn to have all their feathers molt.  It seemed unreal. Too big to take in.  Too surreal.  As I stood on the bridge in the am of one fog lifting morning, I asked the owner, “Do you ever tire of this?”.  He didn’t need to answer, but a very satisfied voice quietly said, “Never.”  Can one have a crush on a place?!  I joined his.IMG_1022IMG_123435IMG_101734IMG_0991


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