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April 29, 2013

How to explore Patagonia in two hours…seriously

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I have ALWAYS, ALWAYS wanted to explore Patagonia.  It is the Southern Hemisphere’s equivalent to Alaska and seems to me to be even more untouched and worthy of exploration.  So to be chasing the hours and minutes away before this boat would voyage to Antarctica from Ushuia was grippingly disappointing.  We would land at the southern most tip of South America only hours prior to having to board the ship.  Ferret mode was activated and I literally RAN past town and up a hill to get pictures of the glaciated mountains that backdrop this quaint town of so many trucks with so little place to go. I than sprinted back into town, eyeballed king crab restaurants, bought goodies from a bakery, picked out a tiny stuffed penguin christening  him with the name of Tux so I’d have a photo shoot buddy, bought and mailed postcards, met people who would be on our boat, took pictures at the end of the world sign…”fin Del Mundo”, and got on the boat with my bikini still underneath my running sweats. “Hi, all you new people I have never met!IMG_0722IMG_0746IMG_0729IMG_0739IMG_0742IMG_0755 IMG_0760IMG_0757IMG_0745  Hope my luggage made it cause this bikini is not going to cut it where we are about to go!”

I took a picture of a little yellow flower, actually a weed poking through the pavement.  It would be the LAST living plant we would see for a long time.

A pod of girls that were reunioning days they had met while in the army made sure they brought an army load of wine and spirits aboard, and with them a great spirit of adventure, teasing, enjoying, and girlish fun.  Also among them was a beautiful gal whose email read ‘fitbrit’. There would be South Africans with their almost national  athletic, boyish spirit and a guy named Martin that would tell me ( the one with the blond hair that already confuses everyone’s names anyway) everyone’s wrong names.  Daves became Steves, and Bobs were Johns and it took me the sail across the Drake to rearrange them right.

And, I think I never did get them all rigth, but names aside, I got their personalities.

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