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April 12, 2013

A straight line from Maui to the tip of South America?

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Every time I have the privilege to time a race in Maui, I ALWAYS intend to take a few extra days and enjoy the heck out of the island…and never get to.  Something important always comes up.  In this case, the rescheduled Antarctica expedition to run the marathon.  So Maui was left to be enjoyed by my staff Nick and Laurel.  I raced from the race to the airport, landed in San Diego at 1pm on a delayed flight.  Pedal to the metal, I drove to Orange County where I left my truck full of supplies for the Rabbit Run…easter eggs, bunny suit, registration materials.  My son met me on his only day off and drove me to LAX via grabbing my camera equipment from my brother.  Than I was off to Lima, Peru.  Landed past midnight.  I KNOW that the looming Andes are out there, but I miss them in the dark.  I land in Santiago, Chile in the middle of the night.  Hi, Chile.  Never been here before.   The connecting flight bounces wildly over the high Andes Mountains heading across to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Remember ALIVE… I land in Buenos Aires in the morning and have just a day to be in Argentina.  So…I learn to TANGO!  And I learn that IMAG0422IMAG0433IMAG0435IMAG0436Buenos Aires has a LOT of traffic.  So I took to the double decker bus and toured the city for a few hours.  I had this great family adopt me for the bus ride.  They were  from a vineyard town I think is called Mendoza in Argentina .  Thank you for letting me be a part of your fun and have my few hours in Argentina convince me that really nice people live here.  IMAG0444IMAG0451

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