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March 30, 2013

Don’t choose a Life set on THE SPIN CYCLE

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When I was around 4years old I crawled in the dryer to hide.  I made sure I left the door slightly ajar to let light in and so I could peak out. Someone walked by and bumped the door shut. Bam.  Activation button on. I got tumbled.  I was told our family dog, a little Dachshund, started barking and jumping on the door of the dryer.  My mom found me purple, but still breathing. Needless to say, I didn’t like crawling into small places for a long time after that. The situation sure changed when that door shut.

So many things can inadvertently bump the door shut on what we think are our cozy places. Try a terminated marriage! For some reason  Antarctica getting postponed sent me tumbling. I like volume.  It suits me to do 10 things at once.  I liked being in different places, working with different people. I, in hindsight, do not like not having the volume my So Cal calendar of races gave me.  Go figure. I worked hard to free myself up for these new adventures and I am fretting over not having the thing that was robbing me of all my time and creativity. I question Jackson, Wyoming. Did I crawl into another dryer in life by venturing to Jackson ?  It seemed like a cozy place to curl up for awhile.  Somehow, Antarctica getting postponed has stalled out an additional month and… bam shut the door on my well proposed plans to run on ice, than time an event in Maui, than stage a race in California, and spend Easter Sunday with my kids. Instead, I worked out the race details in California, flew back to Jackson to at least coach a week of High School track, scrambled to get people to cover my race in California, changed a LOT of airline tickets, flew to Maui just to time the race, gave my condo nights to my staff, and connected across South American airports arriving for a few hours in Buenos Aires and in Ushuia only hours before the boat departed.  Definitely on the Spin cycle!

I did take advantage of a freed up month by signing up for the USA Track & Field Level II coaching academy.  I took a Water Safety Instructors course and begin renewing all my recreational requirements for First Aid, CPR, and Lifesaving. I decisively am going to provide the western region with a cause oriented, affordable, precise timing service. The summer calendar is filling with timing contracts for ITz ABOUT TIME. I did come back to California and see my son and daughter.   I took the time to visit with good business associates, mentors, and friends.

I moved myself for more leg room and plopped on the outer seat of an exit row.  I wasn’t heading to Antarctica.  I was heading to Maui, squeezing in a race I had contracted to time.  The man peering out the window was surfer tan with sporty, surfer blond locks.  He was fit.  He had been a ski pro, a pro surfer, and was now a pro coach for our national paddle board team.  He shared he had made great money as an athlete and was very suited to handle the chaos that comes from that demanding of a lifestyle.  But that he had recently gone through a divorce. “Go figure.  Win at all that and lose the one race in life that matters more.” We flew in silence.

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