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March 12, 2013

Into the Wild

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Stranded in California I guess isn’t the worse thing. In fact, it is a beautiful thing.  It makes me realize the privilege I have had to live in great places.  I have to keep up the mileage and find hills.  Though I loathe mileage, I love the adventure of finding new trails and new places.  I ran above Baseline in Claremont, parking near Webb High School.  There was a creek and a bike path and I just started to run.  Ran past a park and saw trails leading up a hillside. ran up the hillside that lead to a fire road that lead to power towers that lead to a view and a sign pointing toward Johnson’s pasture that leads up another set of hills that overlooked the valley and had Mt Baldy looming in the background.  There were 6 deer grazing in a meadow and a hawk hovering overhead.  Than I ran in Dana Point…up from Doheny Beach past the Charthouse and onto the park paths and across the crest of the hill kept as an open preserve.  The views from the POINT are the POINT.  Awesome.  Than I ran behind Concordia University in goopy mud that they say will be in Antarctica.  The goop glues onto the bottom of the shoes and feels like you are running in high heels.  This ought to be a challenge of a lifetime with miles and miles of this!  A storm was finishing up, so the clouds and the panorama made a spectacular sunset.  Next day, I picked a ridge in Aliso Viejo in Orange County they dub Top of the World.  Another IMAG0306 IMAG0309 IMAG0316 IMAG0318 IMAG0323world-class view to see and I was panting up with all the mountain bikers.   On the descend, in my own little world of thoughts that I will share with you in the next blog, I made a wrong turn.  All of a sudden, I became aware that I was descending all too rapidly and ending up in a canyon, ravine that was nowhere near my parked truck.  I took a creek trail and came through meadows and was quite impressed that this wild of a setting was so close to housing tracks.  Than I got to be more impressed.  There was a deer.  And a half mile later, a bobcat stalking a bird,  and a mile later a pack of coyotes howling .  It was approaching dusk and I was still completely LOST, not in a Wyoming wilderness, but in citified Orange County, California  Go figure!  I got to my truck in the dark, having run for close to four hours.  But it was as much an adventure as Wyoming wilds.

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