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March 1, 2013

Overcoming obstacles

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IMAG0299One of the other comrades trying to figure out how to undo flights and get back down to the tip of South America( now slated for March 23 and on another Russian crew ship) eblasted, “This has already been an adventure and we haven’t even left the couch!”  Oh, my.  Not kidding.  I am deciding to use the time to explore next year’s plans:  further education in the area of track & field, renew my lifesaving and WSI, see what it really will take to write a book, a screen play, and  start on  a doctorate?  How’s that for an overachievement week? I attended the USA Track & Field’s Summit.  And I ran on college tracks to meet their teams and coaches.  It is hot here.  I am winter white and getting baked.  I will now be going from Calif, to Maui, to Antarctica.  Shorts, to bikinis, to New Zealand wool, down, and gortex.  This was not the plan.  But does it ever get to be?  Somehow, conflict is… interesting?  It puts us on the edge of our seats in movies. But really having to live it. Ouch.  Trying vast things means willing to work through vast problems.  My grandest right now is to eck through the lack of  cash flow as I now travel at the same moment I fund an entire running race that requires we wait for the  turn out to  pay my business account back. 

I hope to use these added weeks as time to reunite with great people in my life.    And I am teaching myself to use Facebook.  Still not so good at it, but you all seem to be.  Friend me.  Caren Ware Cronkhite.    Shared from my Facebook.

Dear Girlfriend, I am taken by your positive and personable spirit through what some would take as life ripping them off.  You have climbed mountains in your life that I have not had to summit.  I am impressed.  The view in your heart is as grand as any peak I have climbed.- Caren

I just had a gal I grew up with share that she was legally blind.  She shares, “The  eye thing is weird. Turns out both my brother & I have what’s called Usher’s Disease. Hearing loss in both ears & RP (same thing as Stevie Wonder). Retinitis Pigmentosa takes your peripheral vision to blindness. Each person loses it at varying rates. My brother lost his within 10 years & for some lucky reason I still have a lot but not enough to drive.

Depth perception is lost & night vision is like being blind. The weird part is that RP isn’t really detected until your early 20’s. You can’t see stars, then you realize that steps & things below your nose are invisible. It’s all good though. My brother has been a great example on how to navigate. He’s been taught by the Braille Institute to navigate & use pc things to his advantage.

I’m just glad it’s been a gradual loss for me. I drove until my daughter  (you met her at preschool), was in Jr. High. The day I quit was the day i saw a dog ahead on the road while car pooling her friend’s home but asked the girls where did that dog go? Turns out I ran it over & didn’t even realize it ’til one of the girl’s brother pointed out what i did to my 8-year-old son. That was over 20 years ago.

What’s nice is that I’ve been so blessed by so many kind & wonderful people who help me. Airports are great at giving me escorts when I travel solo, I discovered Park City had an Ability Center that provides guides & teachers to help people with every disability imaginable with skills & adaptive equipment to provide one with any ability desired. It was so much fun but I never got great at it so that is something I want to strive for.

Best thing is I can read white print on black & technology today opens up many windows of opportunities.

Love you Girl! Thanks for asking & Keep me posted on You”      The best thing is you find BEST THINGS amazing girlfriend. Yes, talk about oversoming obstacles.  This put my being inconvienced in waiting out the expedition for Antarctica to shame.

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