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March 30, 2013

Don’t choose a Life set on THE SPIN CYCLE

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When I was around 4years old I crawled in the dryer to hide.  I made sure I left the door slightly ajar to let light in and so I could peak out. Someone walked by and bumped the door shut. Bam.  Activation button on. I got tumbled.  I was told our family dog, a little Dachshund, started barking and jumping on the door of the dryer.  My mom found me purple, but still breathing. Needless to say, I didn’t like crawling into small places for a long time after that. The situation sure changed when that door shut.

So many things can inadvertently bump the door shut on what we think are our cozy places. Try a terminated marriage! For some reason  Antarctica getting postponed sent me tumbling. I like volume.  It suits me to do 10 things at once.  I liked being in different places, working with different people. I, in hindsight, do not like not having the volume my So Cal calendar of races gave me.  Go figure. I worked hard to free myself up for these new adventures and I am fretting over not having the thing that was robbing me of all my time and creativity. I question Jackson, Wyoming. Did I crawl into another dryer in life by venturing to Jackson ?  It seemed like a cozy place to curl up for awhile.  Somehow, Antarctica getting postponed has stalled out an additional month and… bam shut the door on my well proposed plans to run on ice, than time an event in Maui, than stage a race in California, and spend Easter Sunday with my kids. Instead, I worked out the race details in California, flew back to Jackson to at least coach a week of High School track, scrambled to get people to cover my race in California, changed a LOT of airline tickets, flew to Maui just to time the race, gave my condo nights to my staff, and connected across South American airports arriving for a few hours in Buenos Aires and in Ushuia only hours before the boat departed.  Definitely on the Spin cycle!

I did take advantage of a freed up month by signing up for the USA Track & Field Level II coaching academy.  I took a Water Safety Instructors course and begin renewing all my recreational requirements for First Aid, CPR, and Lifesaving. I decisively am going to provide the western region with a cause oriented, affordable, precise timing service. The summer calendar is filling with timing contracts for ITz ABOUT TIME. I did come back to California and see my son and daughter.   I took the time to visit with good business associates, mentors, and friends.

I moved myself for more leg room and plopped on the outer seat of an exit row.  I wasn’t heading to Antarctica.  I was heading to Maui, squeezing in a race I had contracted to time.  The man peering out the window was surfer tan with sporty, surfer blond locks.  He was fit.  He had been a ski pro, a pro surfer, and was now a pro coach for our national paddle board team.  He shared he had made great money as an athlete and was very suited to handle the chaos that comes from that demanding of a lifestyle.  But that he had recently gone through a divorce. “Go figure.  Win at all that and lose the one race in life that matters more.” We flew in silence.

March 16, 2013

Not FROZEN in Time

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sunsetsocal8Good thing we ebb and grow. I am still wondering where I should take my next career steps in life.  But for now, I have freed up myself to concentrate on something more than the volume I was doing in Southern California.  There is a WORLD to tell you about. a BIG GRAND WORLD of opportunity.  Let me first let me catch you up to speed with me. One, I turned 50 this year and with it lots of changes, including those few blue moments that come with swinging hormones.  Luckily, they are rare and few, but feel identical to the same swings that came when I hit puberty and the monthly periods began.  You get this once a month day that, not matter, the world feels like it is falling apart from the inside out and you scramble to attach it to something that could possibly make you feel so emotional.DSCN2140

So, to move on from there,  here is a moment to applaud the accomplishments and meaning life does have.  I have two very competent kids tackling college.  I provided them with a home in a resort community, life on a lake and winter snow skiing.  Private school, trips abroad…adventurous, my style places.  I attended a community church, coached the High School track and cross country teams, and one season of volleyball.  I cooked once a week for over 200 people to help a church mid-week get together.  I took hosting classes to be competent in front of the camera, a good experience.  I remodeled a 944 Porsche with a good relationship.  I have a Warlock demon ski boat purchased for the sole opportunity to have an outlet that I enjoyed my kids and their friends in. I ran an incredibly complicated and successful timing business with trucks, trailers, warehouse, high tech computer systems, and great staff.  Did so for 20 solid years.  I am in incredible shape for a women my age.  I am making the opportunity to get in better shape and plan to train for the World Track & Field Championships in October 2013 after my bucket list check off of running the marathon in Antarctica.  I love the outdoors and have a great mountain bike, top of the line road bike, and dirt and paved bike paths in all directions to ride them in Jackson.  I am enjoying yoga, trail running, and will be coaching the Jackson High School track team this season, as well as attending the USA Track & Field Level II coaching academy.  I renewed my WSI, Lifesaving, CPR, and first aid to help me in the process of getting back into recreational administration.  I secured a Masters in Public Administration during all this busyness of running a business.  And I spent a summer managing the kitchen for that fantastic camp I was a camp counselor, activities director, and  waterskiing and climbing instructor during my undergraduate college days.  I ran track in college, road races and triathlons my mid years, and am back on the track as a masters athlete.  I am excited about my adventure based timing company  It will take me the choice places I love to travel to, plus give me something I can give back to the community here in this Jackson region.  I have more years of experience in timing than any company out there. I am also starting up a production company called SUNRUN PROUCTIONS and a track training camp company called TRY TRACK, in which, I will include the magic of  good  summer camp fun with the skill development that will help youth be accomplished track athletes.  But underneath all this, I have wander lust.  I think I may end up in the ends of the earth helping others enjoy the ends of the earth.  I want to guide adventure based opportunities for a while.  That’s what I really want to do.socal6009__DEP4736IMG_9941

Our home was open to anyone that needed it.  We had Japanese exchange students, troubled youth, and 5 Hispanic boys that we have come to consider as our sons.  They went to Belmont High in downtown Los Angeles as newcomers, but rode the metro and spent all their time off the track at our home training or working for our timing company.  All five went on to colleges and universities on running scholarships despite the odds against them.  It is an amazing story I will share with you.  It is one I am in the process of writing a book and screen script about.  (came to Jackson to do so, but have been too distracted by all the great outdoors, surprisingly winter outdoors…that I have written far less than hoped.  Better get on that.  Am now treating it like a job that I have to put the hours in for.)shoot3

And I need to after our most recent episode in my boys being young men without a country.  We got them student visas, but the day they graduated they went back to being ‘illegal’.  One of our ‘sons’ has a twin sister and mother he has not seen in 10 years.  He knows he has limited time left to get to see his aging mother.  He chose to marry a women that promised to help him get his papers.  The wedding plans and living with this women, whom had three teenage children became a real home for our son. After the tedious and expensive wedding, he constantly told us all the things they planned and did, that they bought a bar b que and a backyard pool.  He fell easily into the position as father to the kids and enjoyed the new found family. And I constantly asked him why he had not filed for his papers.  His excuse was that his money had to go to paying rent and bills.  I finally told him I would give him money to put in a special account just for filing for his papers, not to be used for this woman’s family.  I get a collect call from a jail in the middle of the night.  He is scared, confused.  He said he went home and everyone was gone and oddly, so was his computer.  He txted the kids who always came home at this time from school.  Odd, not response.  Than the police showed up to arrest him for spousal rape.  The gal trumped up a cause to get him put away and sent back over the border.  Apparently, this is not the first guy she has done this to.  Like, where is the father if her kids? And our unsuspecting, bewildered son is in a bad, hard to prove innocent situation, plus broken hearted.  He actually loved his new family.  And his ‘hood’ family is ready for revenge.  Life is hard enough.  They can’t allow someone to mess with them that way.

This struggle to get my son out of jail  all took place while I am trying to time an event in Mau, Hawaiii and get down to South America and not miss the boat I have been on a waiting list to go for four years!  So what went with me to Antarctica was that heart felt heart for those that struggle as people without countries.  Maybe, I finally realize that it so keen to me because I was raised by a mom who was half Cree Indian.  My grandmother, in her teens, had hitch hiked to California from Oklahoma and once there, discovered she was pregnant in a day when unwed women were not.  My beautiful as any model mom had a hole in her heart from being left at and raised by a home mill of unwanted children.  A hole that never could be filled until I watched God’s grace bring her own mother to her bedside and tenderly mother her as she fought and lost her battle with cancer. Two of my Hispanic boys had been left orphaned in Southern Mexico by their mom.  They spent 6 years putting coins in a can to get coyotes to get them across the border just to find their moms.  Family is strong.  It is an innate  need and drive in us.  IMG_0504

People were asking what indigenous people was I to meet in Antarctica….the penguins they would joke.  Yes, the penguins were worth meeting, but very few people know about the Russian crew in the belly of the whale of a cruise ship.  Those were the ones I wanted toIMAG2542IMAG0128DSCN1955 - Copy learn from.  What’s their story.

March 12, 2013

Into the Wild

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Stranded in California I guess isn’t the worse thing. In fact, it is a beautiful thing.  It makes me realize the privilege I have had to live in great places.  I have to keep up the mileage and find hills.  Though I loathe mileage, I love the adventure of finding new trails and new places.  I ran above Baseline in Claremont, parking near Webb High School.  There was a creek and a bike path and I just started to run.  Ran past a park and saw trails leading up a hillside. ran up the hillside that lead to a fire road that lead to power towers that lead to a view and a sign pointing toward Johnson’s pasture that leads up another set of hills that overlooked the valley and had Mt Baldy looming in the background.  There were 6 deer grazing in a meadow and a hawk hovering overhead.  Than I ran in Dana Point…up from Doheny Beach past the Charthouse and onto the park paths and across the crest of the hill kept as an open preserve.  The views from the POINT are the POINT.  Awesome.  Than I ran behind Concordia University in goopy mud that they say will be in Antarctica.  The goop glues onto the bottom of the shoes and feels like you are running in high heels.  This ought to be a challenge of a lifetime with miles and miles of this!  A storm was finishing up, so the clouds and the panorama made a spectacular sunset.  Next day, I picked a ridge in Aliso Viejo in Orange County they dub Top of the World.  Another IMAG0306 IMAG0309 IMAG0316 IMAG0318 IMAG0323world-class view to see and I was panting up with all the mountain bikers.   On the descend, in my own little world of thoughts that I will share with you in the next blog, I made a wrong turn.  All of a sudden, I became aware that I was descending all too rapidly and ending up in a canyon, ravine that was nowhere near my parked truck.  I took a creek trail and came through meadows and was quite impressed that this wild of a setting was so close to housing tracks.  Than I got to be more impressed.  There was a deer.  And a half mile later, a bobcat stalking a bird,  and a mile later a pack of coyotes howling .  It was approaching dusk and I was still completely LOST, not in a Wyoming wilderness, but in citified Orange County, California  Go figure!  I got to my truck in the dark, having run for close to four hours.  But it was as much an adventure as Wyoming wilds.

March 1, 2013

Overcoming obstacles

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IMAG0299One of the other comrades trying to figure out how to undo flights and get back down to the tip of South America( now slated for March 23 and on another Russian crew ship) eblasted, “This has already been an adventure and we haven’t even left the couch!”  Oh, my.  Not kidding.  I am deciding to use the time to explore next year’s plans:  further education in the area of track & field, renew my lifesaving and WSI, see what it really will take to write a book, a screen play, and  start on  a doctorate?  How’s that for an overachievement week? I attended the USA Track & Field’s Summit.  And I ran on college tracks to meet their teams and coaches.  It is hot here.  I am winter white and getting baked.  I will now be going from Calif, to Maui, to Antarctica.  Shorts, to bikinis, to New Zealand wool, down, and gortex.  This was not the plan.  But does it ever get to be?  Somehow, conflict is… interesting?  It puts us on the edge of our seats in movies. But really having to live it. Ouch.  Trying vast things means willing to work through vast problems.  My grandest right now is to eck through the lack of  cash flow as I now travel at the same moment I fund an entire running race that requires we wait for the  turn out to  pay my business account back. 

I hope to use these added weeks as time to reunite with great people in my life.    And I am teaching myself to use Facebook.  Still not so good at it, but you all seem to be.  Friend me.  Caren Ware Cronkhite.    Shared from my Facebook.

Dear Girlfriend, I am taken by your positive and personable spirit through what some would take as life ripping them off.  You have climbed mountains in your life that I have not had to summit.  I am impressed.  The view in your heart is as grand as any peak I have climbed.- Caren

I just had a gal I grew up with share that she was legally blind.  She shares, “The  eye thing is weird. Turns out both my brother & I have what’s called Usher’s Disease. Hearing loss in both ears & RP (same thing as Stevie Wonder). Retinitis Pigmentosa takes your peripheral vision to blindness. Each person loses it at varying rates. My brother lost his within 10 years & for some lucky reason I still have a lot but not enough to drive.

Depth perception is lost & night vision is like being blind. The weird part is that RP isn’t really detected until your early 20’s. You can’t see stars, then you realize that steps & things below your nose are invisible. It’s all good though. My brother has been a great example on how to navigate. He’s been taught by the Braille Institute to navigate & use pc things to his advantage.

I’m just glad it’s been a gradual loss for me. I drove until my daughter  (you met her at preschool), was in Jr. High. The day I quit was the day i saw a dog ahead on the road while car pooling her friend’s home but asked the girls where did that dog go? Turns out I ran it over & didn’t even realize it ’til one of the girl’s brother pointed out what i did to my 8-year-old son. That was over 20 years ago.

What’s nice is that I’ve been so blessed by so many kind & wonderful people who help me. Airports are great at giving me escorts when I travel solo, I discovered Park City had an Ability Center that provides guides & teachers to help people with every disability imaginable with skills & adaptive equipment to provide one with any ability desired. It was so much fun but I never got great at it so that is something I want to strive for.

Best thing is I can read white print on black & technology today opens up many windows of opportunities.

Love you Girl! Thanks for asking & Keep me posted on You”      The best thing is you find BEST THINGS amazing girlfriend. Yes, talk about oversoming obstacles.  This put my being inconvienced in waiting out the expedition for Antarctica to shame.

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