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February 27, 2013


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URGENT ALERT!  The email read.  “We just received a report this morning from the owner of One Ocean Expeditions that the Akademik Ioffe was damaged by an iceberg. The ship will return to port in Ushuaia on March 3 to assess the damage. It is unlikely that the necessary equipment is available to safely decide if the ship is seaworthy for the Antarctica Marathon expedition. The Russian owners of the ship want to bring it back to Europe for a more complete inspection and repair. We do not want to have everyone depart on this trip only to find that the voyage must be canceled which is likely. Thus, we must cancel this trip due to the ship being unsuitable for mechanical reasons.”  The email goes on to spell out an alternate option to get on a ship the end of March.

SERIOUSLY!!! Operation Antarctica just turned into operation re-route, re-plan, un-do, re-do…and all at a cost of ticket changes, eating ones that could not.  I am in Maui mid- March to time an event, and staging THE RABBIT RUN for So Cal to have the funnest, longest, running Easter Egg Hunt.  My past month has been filled with egg orders, candy, shirts, the scheduling of the Easter Bunny, photographers, course design, flyer distribution, eblasts.  All the time ,running frozen miles in Jackson, packing wool, down, and gortex.  Reading up on and buying seasick wrist bans.  And most disconcerting, not filling my plate with gameful employment.  The biggest risk of adventure is parting the time for an once in a lifetime excursion. Adventure does not pay bills.  So you have to part with that too.   Proceeds from PRIME TIME is paying for my kids in college and little else.  Jackson, Wyoming, to be discovered, has two huge gaps in business and employment opportunities.  Their fall lasts from September to December and their spring causes everyone local to almost vacate because nothing happens in melt off mood…March, April, May…except the best to me…track & field.  I will be coaching Jackson High School track while getting prepped for all the summer adventure races and staging a triathlon festival weekend in Mid-August called TRI THE WEST during their melt off.  Where in this hustle is the writing of the script about the Belmont Boys, or the book on time… ?  Now, there’s a question.

But for right now, the biggest question is to adjust…and react..and replan how to accomplish the set goal of running a marathon in Antarctica. I just spent 10 hours on the line to Expedia and Lan Airlines trying to capture the cheapest way to re-route flights.  There is none.  I almost had to repurchase all the flights.  And now, plan out the connections and plans for the events.  Those 10 hours were some of the most frustrating hours, getting a pool of phone service answerers that spoke indiscernible english and kept telling me that they were unable to process changes in their system.  Finally, at 2am, I got a gal in the Philipines to feel sorry for my plight and worked the flights and actually called me on her personal cell phone to get enough information to change flights. I thank her however she is for processing the unprocessable.

Here’s irony.  I will now be hovering in So Cal at temperatures warranting shorts, and doing an event on an island that warrants bikinis…and than tackling Antarctica.  Thus, now the new adventure. Can you imagine what Marathon Tours is scrambling to have to do to re schedule us all?  I was told that Kathy Loper Events has come up with the WHITE CONTINENT MARATHON. , smart business move to find a way to fly across the Drake Passage, give our fast paced society a bucket list way to check off two continents in one sweep and get back to work in time.  I am being reminded by many of you that the expedition spirit of Antarctica will be lost in that.  That this SLOW BOAT option will be ,and glean, what it is meant to be…an adventure, not a task master check off list. So, slow boat is made slower by waiting for a boat, but lets see what transpires. Boat it is.  Now, lets see if I can keep up the high mileage for another month. 


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