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February 16, 2013

Antarctica or BUST.

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It’s expensive to travel to Antarctica. There is no cheap, easy way.  You fly to Buenos Aires, take a commuter plane to Ushuala, take a Russian Crew ship across the Drake Passage and back.  My permit to go was upssubmitted 4 years ago and, luckily, required a deposit and periodic payments.  But inflation has made this trip increase by $2800 from its original cost.  I had to get creative with this unexpected increase.  I put applications in for seasonal help.  When I saw UPS trucks with driver helpers I went to the UPS office to inquire as to why I had not heard anything on my application.  They sheepishly said,” ummm, hemmmm, hawwww…um, your app says you are a 50 year old female that weights 132 pounds.  You would have to be able to lift boxes sometimes weighing over 100 lbs and you would have to be running from door step to door step. ”  I returned,” and the point is?”.  I have been paying to work out and train and do crossfit.  I welcomed the challenge and chance to do something that physical and that outdoors.  As we were discussing this, a worker came in with a twisted ankle.  The manager looked at his mounting pile of constant Christmas boxes and said, “You are on.  Starting now.”  And I was.  I, and a young guy from Jackson, got the reputation for being the first truck back…despite the co workers loading the load with labels upside down and purposely not filling the gas tank just to slow us down. He would roll through the ranch roads and I would sprint down the long driveways, dodging the chasing dogs biting at my heels,  and toss that pile of ordered Santa on each porch for miles and miles…in the snow, sleet, ice, and fog.  Now, there’s a story to tell your grandkids.  My short career in the brown suit was cut shorter when I slipped on ice running through a parking lot while not on duty.  I broke my pinkie and ring finger…and only than, could I not pick up the 50 plus pound boxes.  All this shared to let you know that adventuring goes beyond fortitude.  It takes planning, and just plain hard work.

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