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January 27, 2013

Ran 21 miles today.

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All I can say is ‘ugh’.

I have committed to run long on designated ‘long run’ days regardless of the weather.  Who knows what kind of weather will befall the one day we embark upon the 26.2 miles in Antarctica.  No chilling here. As suggested by experience, Tim from Grand Dynamics suggested that I put my wool socked feet in shopping bags and run. I like my inov8 trail shoes as the best fit and shoe for these trail, terrain distances.  I have no problems in these and feel I will get to keep my toe nails this time. But, they are not gortex, nor water proof.  It worked.  My feet wanted to get cold, but they didn’t dare.  I ran into long stretches of hard packed ice on the Elk’s refuge, and a near white out blizzard during the first 11 miles, and hit progressive hills and four inches of newly fallen snow on top of pack on my preceding next 10 miles.  The soft snow felt much like trudging through the soft red earth of the Australian OUTBACK, but with a temperature bite!

I carried Gatorade, fig newtons, and a gel. It was a wet snow.  The inner hood to my wool shirt against my skin soaked it up and drew it down my back and arms, sneaking past the Gortex shell.  But the body steam of motion kept me warm in spite of.  My OR mittens were soaked, but CHECK…warm too.  Somehow, in my cocoon of clothes, I felt strong and steady.  Save, I didn’t drink nor eat enough.  I finished dizzy and shaking, having to eat protein right away and have been drinking water all evening.  Got to keep that in mind.  Weather like that doesn’t feel thirsty, but it dehydratesIMAG0137IMAG0139.

These pics were taken around the 17th mile.

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