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January 21, 2013

It’z about the bike

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Itz ABOUT TIME will be providing the timing for the FAT TIRE SNOW BIKE race at the FAT TIRE SNOW SUMMIT this coming weekend. http://www.fatbikesummit.comIMAG0041

There is more than mountain bikes in this vision inspired bicycle shop called Fitzgerald’s, in Victor, Idaho.  There is Jay Petervary.  He is constantly smirking.  He is constantly innovating determined play.  And he is constantly on a bike.  Scott, the owner, and Jay, not only have made Teton Valley the mountain bike mecca, they are zealous about their newly designed FAT BIKES.  Bikes made for sand and SNOW, SNOW, SNOW.   Bikes that are a hoot to ride and just make you smile to ride.  Fall down on a mountain bike and come up bloody.  Skid out on a FAT BIKE and you are laughing at the comical body plant mark you left on the snow.

iTz About Time will be timing FAT BIKE races hosted by Snow  King and Targhee Ski resorts.  And I will be attending Scott and Jay’s Fat BIKE Winter Summit.  Check it out at  Their orchestration of bringing together interest in these bikes is creating a new way to keep riding in an area that is dominated by winter.  They are tickled with themselves and their new found fun.

By the way the athleticism of the Teton area astounds me.   Jay Petervary has set the record for riding the Continental Divide Race on a Mountain bike.   Check out his endurance level on  .  More than two weeks on a bike.  More than 2,000 miles covered riding over 20 hours per day!!  And now, with FAT BIKEs there is the IDITABIKE on the IDITAROD sled dog race route.

Jay is married to a gal that is equally an endurance athlete.  She hammers too.

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