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January 4, 2013

She Jumps.

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images[8]In Southern California there was only downhill skiing.  If the snow got too bothersome, you could drive off the mountain and go to the beach.

In Wyoming, winter is a commitment, and one that people actually live and love.  I thought I would stick around this winter and learn  what the Jackson area ski scene was all about.  First, I was told, I would need resort skis.  Not any resort skis, but ones that were fat and would float through powder.  Hmmm.  But I was an old school skier that only knew long and narrow downhill skiing.  The solution was skis found  at a yard sale.  And better yet,  Lyndsey Dyer was a find.  The yard sale was being hosted by a very poised, athletic young lady that is one of our nations best freeride skiers.  Check her and her amazing agility to ski down almost anything, and her climbing ability to get there on her website  I was instantly taken by her collected spirit and niceness, though she had a hectic, profile life.  She started a non-profit called to unite athletic women and help with the pressure of being a girl in a sport . Impressive accomplishments for a young, stunningly pretty gal.  She is venturing to Alaska to expand her winter area to free ski. She wanted to know what sport I carried myself from and I appreciated the compliment . She asked, ‘new to Jackson?  I will hook you up.  I have some Austrian made Blizzard skis that will make the High School kids ask where you got them.  And I designed some Liberty skis that are narrow and made for your style of skiing.”  I felt ‘hooked up” and thankful to have met such a caliber person….at a yard sale.  It’s not easy being that good and that good-looking.  There are harsh moments that come with juggling the world of fame, fitness, and fast pace . I am meeting amazing athletes in Jackson.

Thank you,  for the skis.  I am putting them to good use.  I got ski passes at all three ski resorts in this area in exchange for timing events. IMAG2461IMAG2459Lynsey-Dyer-Awarded-Female-Skier-of-the-Year-Photo-Courtesy-of-Powder-Magazine[1]

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