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January 4, 2013

A Quiver full

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It doesn’t take just two kinds of resort skis.  It takes a quiver full.  Thankfully, I got to work at Skinny Skis, a nordic ski specialty shop that taught me the ins and outs of all kinds of skis and the boots and pole lengths for each.  I just had to get….skate skis.  Those are the skinniest of the nordic skis that has everyone sprinting in skate fashion.  It is a fairly new form of skiing and requires great cardio and upper body.  I was told that this will be the best way to get in running race shape.  Skate skiing requires a very sturdy, very light boot and very long, light, carbon fiber poles with attached grips. Skate skiing is far different from classic skiing. These are the narrow nordic skis that everyone IMAG2417tourkisstrategically waxes and shuffles in long swiping strides down two lanes tracks.  Whoosh.  Whoosh.  Had to buy those too.  But wait.  Skate and classic skis aren’t the best for trying to take out in the woods on long tours, especially if you encounter a hill.  I was told I needed a little heavier, metal edged ski with a more insulated boot.  And the poles were shorter.  But all these nordic skis were not made for the backcountry alpine skiing.  To do this, I would have to use Dynafit or Black Diamond backcountry skis with special boots and bindings that allowed clipping in and out of nordic form to latch down and go down hill. And if I was to do this type of skiing I  would have to have an avalanche beacon transmitter,  a shovel, a special pack, and I would need to  go to avalanche training school. I now own 6 sets of skis to embrace a Jackson winter.

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