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December 30, 2012

Merry Missingsomethingmas

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Thought this a classic picture for a race timer.  An outhouse line of Santas from the inaugural event in Palm Springs, the Santa Paws.  Only race rules.  You had to run in their provided Santa Suit or one of your own.  Classic.  Las Vegas hosts one that draws over 10,000 Santas!!IMAG2496

Merry Christmas… to you all. It’s a book worth of the merry mas mess that comes from taking the CHRIST out of the Christmas. I talk from personal experience. Merry ………….(Missing something)mas.  And there comes the entire void that has to be ignored or stuffed down.  And Christmas becomes like the prom.  Full of expense and prep for one pretend Cinderella ball day.  So no pretend days.  The glorious life God has given us is to discover who we are, who He is, what we should do with all that.  And, when I had my own mom die holding my hand, I realized the best of life is the lines and legacy we write on the lives of others and understanding and receiving God’s redemption.  Why did I have to go out there and TEST if that was true? If just to make life interesting… it worked, as I shake my heart and head.  Come on 2013, let’s see  where this plane soars to and if it lands or crashes.IMAG2514IMAG2507

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