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December 1, 2012


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IMAG2340I spent a whirlwind two weeks in California.  I went to make sure that race directors and our new team at PRIME TIME were properly coordinated.  We versed on race lay outs and expectations.  I visited with my kids at their colleges, watched my nephew play hockey, and saw friends.  I went to downsize the storage unit I was making monthly payments on.  It was  expensive, driving 22 hours to California.  Gas, food, lodging, and time spent without future income options was rapidly becoming the new knot in my stomach.  Seeing the fruitful effects of all my years of establishing large, quality races was hard.  I made the clear choice to give over PRIME TIME to establish myself in a more adventurous, travelable timing situation.  I needed to get reconnected to the important people in my life that my business had so time-blocked.  And, by the way, downsizing my storage unit only resulted in putting the possessions I was still clinging to in my son’s apartment, a friend’s garage, and squeezing all else in a more closet size monthly rental.  The rest, I gave up and threw in the trash.  None of this felt very good, to say the least. None of it save, getting to spend time with people for the first time in a long, long time.

The 22 hour drive to and from Wyoming was…well…tiring.  How odd to pay taxes on over $500,000 the year prior and be choosing to sleep in my truck to save lodging expenses going back. So college style myself.  I actually sleep better in the truck.  Something about all those lonely years in hotels and motels makes me just hardly want to bear another night in one.  I got it figured out on Interstate 15.  I have a Gold’s Gym pass and every couple hours can find one in a town.  I  work out, take a hot shower. and keep on driving…and driving.. and driving.  Follow that dotted white line.  Just be aware if you pull off in Cedar City, Utah and try to slumber in your vehicle near the Gold’s gym, the town is below the level of the freeway.  Every truck all evening long is down shifting through that canyon.  It sounds like they are gearing right over your body.  No potential cat nap through that!

In Salt Lake, I Google a Big O tires and get TIRES.  Big, all season, grip it in the snow tires for my otherwise heavy, big, mighty Toyota Tundra Truck that had been responding on icy roads more like a toboggan than a four wheel drive truck.  My daughter went off to college in the Subaru, which we can attest is the best little, all wheel snow vehicle.  I like knowing she is in a sturdy, safe car.  So, ouch.  $1600 for seasonal TIRES.  I feel even wearier.   My pioneering venture to Wyoming is springing a leak in my finances.  I travel on now that I am properly TIRED.  I am tired.  Those trucks down shifting all night left wrings under my eyes that looked like tire treads.

Just a few hours out of Salt Lake and here I go again.  I am lost in the dark.  Notice the common denominator in all these lost in the dark stories.  It is ME.  What is it with me!!? I got off to get gas, called a colleige about an issue, and got back on the wrong highway going to who knows where?  How can you get turned around going from Salt Lake City to Idaho Falls?  Really.  Isn’t there only one highway???  But the towns faded, the highway narrowed, and I am somewhere without navigator in the middle of Idaho in the middle of another stormy night.  I had gotten on an 84 or an 87 or something.  It took me over an hour and half out of my way.  I gave up in Idaho Falls and again crawled in the back of my truck at a Days Inn Parking lot.  I was too tired to fight the hours left to Jackson in the night, in a storm, with the potential of hitting a moose or deer or elk .

I grabbed a breakfast at Ihop and headed with the first rays toward Jackson.  I was glad I waited until day light.  It was a snow sparkled and cloud bursty day.  It was stunning as my tires crunched over the passes.  Into Teton Valley and I was in Victor.  I took a block detour and rewarded myself with a visit to Fitzgerald’s Bicycle Shop.  There is always a buzz in there.  A keen coffee bar and bikes and mechanics equal buzz.

OH MY.  And there they were.  The BEST TIRES I have ever eyed.  BIG, FAT, newly invented SNOW tires FOR SNOW BIKES.  Complete with stick your hand into the tunnel,mits hooked to the handle bars and long leg warmers hooked to the pedals.  There are insulated water bottle holders, and a travel pack.  Really.  Too much fun.  I was no longer TIRED.  I had to try out these TIRES.  Took them for a test drive.  I am back in Jackson and there is full moon so full…so very full.

IMAG2302Ps.  My daugher calls and has an unexpected expense come up.  I use the internet on my phone and  tranfer the money I saved on sleeping in my truck into her college account.  Funny how we do that for our kids. IMAG2303IMAG2305IMAG2297IMAG2306

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