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October 25, 2012

Rave Run/Ride Number 2

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Second great place is on ELK REFUGE ROAD.  In the winter thousands upon thousands of Elk come to winter in this grass basin.  The foothills block much of the wind and the temperatures are slightly warmer, if albeit, only a few degrees, but the Elk think those few are worth it.  During the summer and part of the fall, the road is open for motor vehicles, mountain bikes, and joggers.  In the fall, The Bighorn Sheep also come to the bluffs to hang out.  So do Canadian geese, ducks, artists, photographers, and hikers.  It is stunning and a great place for all of the above to…enjoy each other.  Pam Reed, the two-time winner of Badwater to Whitney took me on a run along the dike of the Snake River and through rolling hills near Harrison Ford’s land.  All are great runs.  She has been relaxing and refreshing running company.  It is a privilege to trot along such a volume of experience.  She wrote a book, The Extra Mile.  It’s a great running read.  Very candid.  As candid as she is in person.  But most my runs are lone journeys.  Relished. Somehow, the beauty is company in itself.

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