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October 25, 2012

Not Psycho… Cyclo

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CYCLOCROSS.  Look it up on Wikipedia.  It’s a new, up, and coming sport with a specialized bike, set of wheels, and one super ambitious rider.  Cyclocross is a fall sport born out of the boredom that winter is not quite here, yet, and the trails are getting too muddy to ride.  Riding them produces ruts and ruins them for the summers to come.  So, hang that fat tire mountain bike up, and grab a crosscycle bike that is something between a road bike and a mountain bike.  The tires are not as narrow as a road bike, but close and rutted.  And the bike is light.  Because you will have to carry it up stairs or over barricades and obstacles.  That is part of the sport.  Timed laps on an obstacle course that covers mud, dirt, asphalt, grass, trees, steps, mounds, banks.  You name it.  Cyclocross is sprint laps around obstacle courses.  And of course, it is rewarding to spectate or participate.  There are kid’s waves, first timer waves, and all kinds of levels according to ability and experience.   And of course, this area knows how to do these events right.  Make you glad you came no matter the weather.  Come hang and hear a band and eat…of all wonderful and great things, Nepalese food from a true Sherpa that came to Jackson area.   Hoback Sports on the Jackson, Wyoming side of the pass hosts a race series at Snow King Ski resort called KING CROSS . , or   Fitzgerald Bikes, in Victor, Idaho just 30 minutes from Jackson, hosts the MOOSECROSS and SPOOKYCROSS. www. or

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