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October 21, 2012

They came and overcame!

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The Tough Towner was a huge success, mainly because the promoters from Grand Dynamics were dynamic.  They put a lot of pre work and planning to make sure the event had a theme and a flair, and that flare was sporty, but fun.  As you can all relate, the pre race warm ups at most races are a joke.  Most elite athletes ignore them and are doing striders.  Only a portion pay attention to the aerobics person bopping.  And mainly only the fun runners are in group all doing their calisthenics. 

Race Director, Tim Walthers, giving course instructions

Not at this race.  Pre warm up is a MUST.  And it was hysterical.  The race started in a park at the base of SNOW KING in Jackson.  The skies were full of fall clouds, but the air warm enough for crawling through mud bogs and running through the wet spray of snow blowers. The park has playground climbing rocks highly used by this mountaineering population.  The warm up guy for TOUGH TOWNER was wearing, I think,  a polyester white jogging suit! This maniac had everyone doing burpies and ski lunges.  I heard that at one point on this course of walls and obstacles that the runners were given snicker bars. 

I was  proud to debut  ITz ABOUT TIME timing services at their event. 

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