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October 18, 2012

Overcome your Obstacles. The Tough Towner

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There are great options of road cycling, mountain biking, trail running, and road mileage with a backdrop from Heaven itself in this corner of Wyoming and Idaho. An outdoor Eden in my opinion.

This time of year, a new sport called cyclocross stages many races up here.  I’ll have to explain that to you.  But this Saturday, October 20th there will be a new event in the town of Jackson called the TOUGH TOWNER.  This is being staged by Tim Walthers, who operates Grand Dynamics.  Grand Dynamics works with companies in building positive personal, goal setting, confidence, and greater communication through an outdoor setting and activities.  The Tough Towner is a way for Tim and his staff to give to the community that beauty of letting yourself try something new and challenging, and the reward that accomplishing that brings.  They build obstacles all through town and hand out shirts that say ‘overcome your obstacles”.  This will be the first staged one ever.  You can contact them to bring one of these to your town.  Check out the mascot.  If the elephant can do the course, so can you!

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