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September 29, 2012

Reading….”My LIFE ON THE RUN”. Can I relate!!!

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Bart Yasso has written a book, My Life on the Run published by Rodale Press.  It is a great read.  He IS running history.  Runner’s World Magazine had him try every new and adventurous race concoction that came up.  He ran Badwater to  WHITNEY when it went all the way to the top, below sea level to 14,000 plus .  He trekked the miles across the 100 miler Himalayas.  Was charged by Rhinos in Africa.  Ran marathons on both Poles. Rode his bike across America.  Married an ultra runner and wed in Italy.   And contracted a life threatening case of Lime’s disease.  But it’s not what he did, it’s who he is.  Bart is just a good guy that interacts with everyone. He has that satire, smirky, all in the name of fun sense of humor.  He is one of us, that loves to run a lot and go to all these wacky, interesting,  places that take travel.  Runner’s World has benefited by allowing him to.  I met him 20 years ago when I went to race director’s conference the first year I started timing as PRIME TIME.  He was giving a spill on how to put on a race.  He was doing so with a straight face while all his audio visual examples were from a race called the BARE BUNS RUN.  Can’t ever forget a speaker like that!  He has always made me, and thousands of others, feel like we were one of the club.  Yes, I would say that Bart Yasso is the runner’s world’s icon.  It’s a good read.

And no, I did not get back to the pines and have the luxury to read his book.  Good thing I got to enjoy a lot of it on the plane flight back from Maui…and the connector flights back up to Jackson.  For once here, I am up and running.  I am launching a timing company called ITz ABOUT TIME for the west, southwest, and pacific northwest.  Many of the events up here need professional timing.  This area is budding into the fitness mecca and  is a place  worthwhile to travel to. In all my travels, there is no place like it.  And in all my eventing, there are no events like these.  They are a combined athletic pour out, fun first timers, picnic, band, food, hang, hotel or camp out stay day.  Not one of the events I attended or timed were anything, but this friendly.

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