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September 22, 2012

Run, Everyone, Run!

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Race Director, Rudy Huber starts marathon

Maui Marathon draws a large number of participants from Japan.  I can see why.  Most the Japanese marathons sell out and have lotteries.  Running is becoming a national fade.  A plane hop away, and they are running the coastline on a Hawaiian island.  Well, sort of.  The marathon starts on one side of the island, crosses it, and then comes up a long, long stretch of blue skies and blue seas.   It is pretty.  But this particular year, it was pretty HOT. The pavement baked many down to a crawl.  Even Bart Yasso’s first words when he corssed the finish line, “Brutal, that heat back there.”

The PRIME TIME guys know their programs and are very versed in the equipment.  They deftly unpacked all the timing equipment and made it happen for the crowds.  We were entertained with a volunteers space ship ,remote-controlled, flying camera that he and his electronic ace brother designed.  Hover.  Hover.  The sidelines comments were,  “This could come in handy if you wanted to ask a girl lounging on the beach on a date.  Hover. Hover. Note drops.  Yes.  That guy holding the remote over there.  Best electro nerd pick up line out there.”   It was different entertainment than we noramally get at a marathon finish.  And finish we did.  8 hours and 25 minutes later we got to finally take an evening and the next day to island it.  Plunging into clear seas was blist.  Thank you, Rudy for doing such a great job to make this a real island themed race on a really island themed island!

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